Yogi’s efforts help UP getting Ansari back


Somnath Chatterjee

In 2007, a saffron clad monk was weeping in front of Lok Sabha Speaker. He was the youngest MP in country and had won three consecutive Lok Sabha elections. Yet, he was crying because Samajwadi Party and Congress in his state Uttar Pradesh were staging anti-Hindu riots one after another. He himself has been attacked seven times. Massacres of Hindus were going on all over Eastern Uttar Pradesh and its mastermind was the Bahubali leader of Samajwadi Party, the terrorist Mukhtar Ansari. His uncle Hamid Ansari was a Congress leader and vice president, while grandfather remained President of Congress in 1927-28. The Gandhi family ran on his words. From Mulayam Singh era to Mayawati & Akhilesh’s era, all the systems of Uttar Pradesh were under control of the number one terrorist and gangster Mukhtar Ansari of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. It means that there was no such crime that Ansari could not be convicted with. There were and still are more than 50 cases against Ansari, for rioting, murder, double murders, looting, illegal weapons, robbery, extortion, rape, kidnapping of minors, trafficking of women, many others.
No matter who came to the government of Uttar Pradesh, Eastern Uttar Pradesh was run on the orders of Ansari, five time MLA, along with his brother Mehboob Ansari MP. Uncle former president Hamid Ansari has always held top posts in Delhi. The Muslim vote bank in Uttar Pradesh was run by Ansari family. If you want to run such a big empire, 50 cases are probably peanuts. Yet some honest government officials opened their mouths against Ansari during Mulayam period, and as usual things came down heavily on them, completely making anti-social controlled perpetual administrative system of Uttar Pradesh dysfunctional. The careers and lives of many good government workers were destroyed. There may be many more people who may not be able to open their mouths for fear at all.
But this picture changed overnight with Adityanath Yogi becoming the Chief Minister in 2017. As soon as he became the Chief Minister, Yogi started changing the administrative system of anti-social controlled Uttar Pradesh. Within a year, 6,562 anti-socials became prisoners and 3,044 gangsters were killed in encounters. By middle of 2017, Bahubali Don Mukhtar Ansari landed in jail. His property worth Rs 632 crore got destroyed and confiscated. Pakistan’s ISI and Gandhi family after seeing the situation, entered the ball game. Capt Amrinder Singh, the Chief Minister of Congress Government in Punjab, sent his prison minister to Uttar Pradesh to meet Ansari in jail. The script of the play was written from there.
In February 2019, a case of extortion was filed in the name of Mukhtar Ansari in Punjab. Following up that case, Punjab police came with a warrant to arrest the jailed Mukhtar Ansari and take him to Punjab. Ansari was taken out of Uttar Pradesh by Punjab police without informing the higher authorities, with the help of government workers close to Samajwadi Party in the Lucknow administration. As soon as the news reached Chief Minister Yogi, he suspended more than 100 Government officials, including Jail Superintendent. He immediately started work on how to bring Ansari back to Uttar Pradesh. Despite showing court orders to Punjab government many times, the Congress Govt has not hand-over Ansari to UP police since two years, on the pretext that Mukhtar Ansari was ill.
When Yogi Administration finally went to the Supreme Court, the court directed the Punjab government to hand over Ansari to UP police within 15 days. There, too, Congress lawyer Dushyant Dubey fought for Ansari. He again presented Ansari in Mohali court in Punjab as a severely sick patient to have Supreme Court order’s reconsidered. But things did not work out, and Yogi sent police to Punjab to bring Ansari. Yogi administration also filed a case in the Supreme Court against the doctor, who gave him sick certificate. In this situation, Ansari’s wife made written request to Prime Minister and the President that Ansari’s safety should be taken care of during and after returning to Uttar Pradesh.