Yasir seeks ex-gratia for storm affected families


KATHUA: Apni Party Leader Choudhary Yasir Ali has appealed to the District Administration to provide ex-gratia relief to six family members whose houses have suffered damage in Panchayat Banjal and Panchayat Siara. In his statement to the press, Yasir said that he visited Panchayat Banjal and met the aggrieved people. During my interaction, he said, the people showed him their damaged structures, houses and cattle sheds. “The administration should send the team of revenue officials to assess the losses suffered by the poor people of the above two Panchayats in Kathua District,” said Ali. He said that the six families have no shelter and they should be provided tents by the administration as early as possible. “Their structures, houses, and cattle sheds were damaged in the recent storm,” he said. He said that the structures/houses/and cattle-sheds of Gulshan Kumar, S/o Jamper R/o Challa Panchayat Siara, Pawan. Kumar S/o Pritam R/o Challa, Machinder S/o Fincha Ram R/o Challa, Amar Nath S/o Chet Ram R/o Challa Pyt Siara, Shankar Dass S/o Munsi Ram R/o Kachir and Macho Ram S/o Munshi Ram R/o Kachir. Pyt Banjal was damaged in the storm.