World shaken by India’s COVID-19 situation; Modi Govt focused on perception over reality: Bhalla



JAMMU: Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla on Tuesday accused the BJP government of remaining in “isolation” and said that the frightening pictures coming from hospitals are exposing the tall claims of BJP Govt in handling Covid-19 crisis in J&K.
The BJP government did nothing, when experts were warning severe second wave and remained in isolation due to which it has put entire country in isolation now. The tall claims of Govt is exposed in frightening pictures and videos coming from hospitals daily,” Bhalla said.
He also questioned the work being done by LG Administration, saying that in some cases, entire families are COVID-19 positive and no one is there to take care of them.
“There is no proper supply of oxygen and no beds in hospitals. Hundreds of people are dying due to mismanagement and BJP government is responsible both administratively and morally,” he said, adding that such irresponsible government is of no use to people.
Bhalla said the entire world is shaken by what is happening here and accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “dropping the ball and throwing it to states” after prematurely taking credit for having “won against COVID-19” when the second wave was already underway.
Bhalla said that the COVID-19 situation has gone completely out of control for the Modi government, and wondered whether it was their way of making the states and the citizens truly ‘Aatmanirbhar’.
He alleged that the government completely failed to understand or to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, right from the very beginning, despite repeated warnings including from scientists. They continuously ignored rising cases and were busy instead with election campaigns. They encouraged super-spreader events. They even bragged about them. Our Prime Minister and Home Minister were not even wearing masks in public over the past few months. What sort of a message is that sending to citizens?” he said.
Bhalla said crisis in India is not just corona, but the anti-people policies of the Central government. Not false celebrations and hollow speeches, give the country a solution!” Bhalla said. He alleged that due to reduction in number of tests in private hospitals and government hospitals, patients with symptoms were not able to get tested.
“Some patients are critical, but have not received their test reports, without which hospitals do not admit them. If the government had worked to increase the number and capacity of labs during the last one year, this would not have happened ,” he said.
He added that the situation on the ground is far from the picture that the government was trying to portray.
Bhalla alleged that this is a government that wants to control everything.
“When cases went down, they declared victory, and the Prime Minister took all the credit as he always does. Now that the situation is terrible, why are you blaming the states?” He said Congress is willing to support the government in this crisis, but the problem arises when the government doesn’t believe in consultation, in carrying everyone along, in tapping expertise it lacks.
“This government seems to think that acknowledging help is needed is a sign of weakness. The hubris and pettiness of this government is unbelievable,” he said.
Bhalla observed it seems that BJP government has priorities other than fighting Covid-19.
Continuing his tirade against Govt,Bhalla again slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party for allegedly failing to manage the coronavirus crisis.
He said instead of providing relief to the tens of thousands of poor people and labourers who were robbed of their livelihood owing to the lockdown, it was merely paying lip service.
Bhalla observed that the BJP government, true to its character, was still “weaving dreams for the eyes of the gullible people”, leaving them in the lurch. He claimed that medical oxygen shortage crisis in parts of the country amid the second COVID-19 wave, lack of ICU beds and oxygen was causing deaths, rather than the disease itself.
“Corona can cause a fall in oxygen level but it’s oxygen shortage & lack of ICU beds which is causing many deaths. Corona is just part of the problem – the real problem is that India now doesn’t have the capacity to respond to any major crisis because of what has been done to its systems over the last six years,” he said.