Workplace bullying – a major concern


Dear Editor,
Bullying at workplace has now become a common practice in India & many companies and organizations inadvertently perpetuate a bullying culture by failing to take a proactive approach to anti-bullying policies. It is indeed very sad that workplace bullying has assumed alarming proportions and has become now the talk of the town. Bullying can affect us in one way or the other but its ramifications are very serious in nature. Workplace bullying is basically repeated, intentional behavior directed at an employee that is intended to degrade, humiliate, embarrass, or otherwise undermine their performance. It can come from colleagues, supervisors, or management, and is a real problem for workers at all levels. Workplace bullying can be discreet, hard to define and challenging to explain to another party, which means that many victims feel powerless to take action. Being pinned into a corner by an angry boss shouting and jabbing a finger into one’s face would obviously be widely recognized as bullying, but many manifestations of workplace bullying are far subtler. It has been highly observed that employees are being mentally harassed and psychologically beleaguered by their bosses in the private as well as public sectors. Everyone knows that workplace bullying is bad, but a large number of companies and bosses mistakenly believe that bullying is simply not an issue within their company or under their watch, so they don’t pay the issue much mind. Anti-bullying laws and policies needs to be implemented at the workplace and those indulging in bullying activities should be charged under law and harsh punishment should be given to them. This way bullying can be eradicated to some extent. To stamp out the bullying culture from the workplace completely and to create a culture of zero tolerance for bullying, it is vital to take a proactive approach to the issue and an environment should be created where an employee can put forward his/her bullying issues to the bosses without any fear. Bosses should establish an open door policy for the employees so that they can speak in a safe and supportive environment without any judgment and penalty. To run any organization successfully, the key prerequisite is to make the working culture and environment very feasible and employee friendly. Secondly the bullying cases at the workplace should be eradicated completely from the ground level. Last but not the least is that an employee should be treated like an employee but not like a slave. After all an employee is a human being but not a robotic and programmed machine.
Vivek Koul,
Gole Gujral, Jammu.