‘Women have to be self-dependent if India wishes to take lead in world’



Jammu: Women have to be self-dependent if India wishes to take a lead in the world. Every city, every village will have to grab any opportunity and make it viable. It will take immense effort to reinforce women power. In Sarveshwar Foundation’s seminar in Jata village, Suraj Singh Bhau, the Vice Chairman of the DDC conveyed these words.
Suraj Singh quoted Social Welfare Organisations will have to take the initiative to make women self-dependent, and those organisations should conduct such seminars in every village to spread awareness about the same.
The special guest for the seminar, ADM Rakesh Dube asked people to always stay connected to the nature and environment around one. He quoted humans and humanity have to co-exist in such a way that humans can live a comfortable life.
He further added to the students and the viewers to explain to the younger generations that the road to success is a thorny one, with no shortcuts at that. Anything can be made or achieved in life with due patience and diligence, he added.
Jitinder Saini, a social activist present at the ceremony said the children and the aged have should live together in harmony.
Nidhi Sharma, a social activist from Mumbai talked about her work for cancer patients from Jammu to the children and the elderly in Jammu.
The programme was organized by the BJP Jammu Atma-Nirbhar Prabhari, the Founder of ‘Nimbark Organic’ Pooja Gupta.
Dr. Bodh Raj, Lawyer Jasbir Singh, Sarpanch Mohindra Singh, Satpal Yogi, Purshottam Singh, Sheetal Kumari, along with other dignitaries participated in the programme.