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Women-Empowerment comprises of two words women and empowerment. Empowerment means to give power or authority to someone. So, Women Empowerment means power in hands of women. It signifies that women should be given equal opportunity in every field, irrespective of any discrimination.
Women Empowerment refers to increasing spiritual, political, social, educational, gender or economic strength of individuals and communities of women. Women empowerment in India is heavily dependent on many different variables that include geographical location (urban/rural), educational status, social status (caste and class) and age.
Women empowerment means to empower the women to make their own decision for their personal dependent. Empowering women is to make them independent in the aspects from mind, thought, rights, decisions, etc., by leaving all the social and family limitations .It is to bring equality in the society for both male and female in all areas. Women empowerment indicates addressing women powerful to create them proficient in taking decisions for themselves. Women have undergone a lot of change over years in this men-dominating world.
In more primitive centuries, they were criticised as almost non-existent human beings. As if whole rights belonged to men even basic right such as voting. As time unfolded, women understood their power. Since then, the revolution for women empowerment started in this world.
Women empowerment refers to making women powerful to make them capable of deciding for themselves. Women have suffered a lot through years at the hands of men. In earlier centuries, they were treated as almost non-existent.
As if all the rights belonged to men even something as basic as voting. As the times evolved, women realised their power. There on began the revolution for women empowerment.
As women were not allowed to make decisions for them, women empowerment came in like a breath of fresh air. It made them aware of their rights and how they must make their own place in society rather than depending on a man.
It recognised the fact that things cannot simply work in someone’s favor because of their gender. However, we still have a long way to go when we talk about the reasons why we need it.
Aim of Women Empowerment:- Women’s empowerment ensures that women and girls have control over their lives and are able to participate actively in social, political, and economic domains. It is about realizing true equality for men and women.
Importance of Women Empowerment in India:- Women empowerment surely has advantages. It gives them equal status compared to men which creates a frictionless environment for women. Secondly, it makes women financially independent which is very important in present era. Moreover, women empowerment helps her to get rid of social violence and atrocities against her. It can help her to fight for her rights.
Empowerment of women, particularly rural women is a critical subject in the policies of balanced growth with social equity. Economic empowerment affects women’s capacity to control or make the right decision, develop self-confidence sounder status and role in the family, etc.
Need for Women Empowerment:- Almost every country, no matter how progressive has a history of ill-treating women. In other words, women from all over the world have been rebellious to reach the status they have today. While the western countries are still making progress, third world countries like India still lack behind in Women Empowerment. In India, women empowerment is needed more than ever.
India is amongst the countries which are not safe for women. There are various reasons for this. Firstly, women in India are in danger of honour killings. Their family thinks its right to take their lives if they bring shame to the reputation of their legacy.
Moreover, the education and freedom scenario is very regressive here. Women are not allowed to pursue higher education and are married off early.
The men are still dominating women in some regions like it’s the woman’s duty to work for him endlessly. They do not let them go out or have freedom of any kind.
In addition, domestic violence is a major problem in India. The men beat up their wives and abuse them as they think women are their property. More so, because women are afraid to speak up. Similarly, the women who do actually work get paid less than their male counterparts.
It is downright unfair and sexist to pay someone less for the same work because of their gender. Thus, we see how women empowerment is the need of the hour. We need to empower these women to speak up for themselves and never be a victim of injustice.
Benefits of Women Empowerment:- The influence of women’s empowerment rests in its capacity to bring in gender equity and improve gap between men and women.
This revolution helped to bring steadiness in a community that is highly controlled by men. It allows women to engage in activities in the public sphere.
(1)-Providing proper education to a girl child is the main agenda of women empowerment.
(2)-By educating each and every girl child.
(3)-By giving them their rights.
(4)-By teaching them to raise their voice against any abuse.
(5)-By stopping the child marriage customs here, we can empower women.
Empowerment in the case of women is very important for the growth of an economy and the country as well. Gender equality is the right; then it is an obligation for sustainable growth of any state or economy in the modern world gender equality is interconnected to the environment and sustainable requirements and for economic development.
Therefore, it is directly linked to women empowerment as well. Moreover, empowerment will help reduce domestic violence because men will not approach a woman who is empowered and durable. Therefore, if we empower the women, then they will resist domestic violence as such cases will not occur.
Lastly, empowered women can reach a high-level position in the management as well, and this can create great importance because they can affect the
management and culture of the company in significant ways. In many ways, the woman leader can be better than a man because the women have the power to do multiple tasks in the same way at the same time, and this makes them more productive as compared to men.
Muzamil Arif


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