Women empowerment


If we compare the vast and magnificent human society with a big tree spreading its different branches all over the earth, then surely women community constitute the roots of that societal tree which has been nourishing it for its proper boom from time immemorial. Friends here arises a very important question that if we never even imagine the life of a plant without its roots then how could we expect human society to develop without giving proper place to womenfolk. Biological health of a plant depends upon the health of its roots similarly if we so desire to see our human society ever flourishing and prosperous then we have to give proper place to our honoured women community by empowering them socially, emotionally, economically and physically. In short, women empowerment is the only ointment which can cure all the diseases of human society but friends irony to human society is that inspite of repeated attempts of number less women organisations, different feminists writers and large number social workers and houses are still prevalent with women in their subordinate roles. Even today, there are so many sections of human dwelling where women exploitation is still in continuation. Brides are being burnt heartlessly, mothers are being beaten by our fathers unfairly, our minors are being brutally raped and killed, our house wives and working ladies are facing marital rapes, women are being harassed and hated by their in-laws, no importance is given to the choice or suggestions of a woman in a family and even today a woman cannot own a piece of land or any other property.
In short, she been living a life which moves at the mercy of her so called husband. Can anybody answer me why only a woman has to live a life of contingencies? Why she always lives in a continuous fear of losing her home? Why it is always a woman who has to become homeless after divorce? Why it is always a woman who is to be blamed for her unsuccessful or broken marriage? Why she has to become a victim of society’s satire and hate after divorce even if she is an earning hand.
Today women empowerment has become a burning issue of discussion in news papers and on TV channels but sorry to say no body has come to a conclusion. That what is the main reason of women not being provided equal status and empowerment in society. Friends answer to this long awaited question is male ego. Whole male community with their hollow ego never tolerate to see our women folk ever flourishing and happy. They always desire to crush their independence because to fear of losing their superiority.
An empowered atmosphere for womenfolk can only be created by bringing a drastic change in shallow and wrong ideology of male community. Empowered and equal status to women should never effect male ego. We should create a society where women should have every right of equality, independence and empowerment.
(1) Every woman should have right to enjoy a happy and honoured life even after divorce or during widowhood
(2) Every woman should have evey possible right of her privacy.
(3) Every woman should have right to enter any profession of her choice.
(4) Every women should have right to own a house or any piece of land.
(5) Every woman should be entitled not to leave her husband house even after her divorce, if she so desires.
(6) Every woman should have right to spend her salary as per her choice.
(7) Every woman should have right to safety and security
In the end I want to say that the above mentioned rights can empower a woman in real sense other wise mere earning of money cannot be called as whole women empowerment.
Sunaina Malik


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