Women deserve more respect


Dear Editor,
‘The status of women depicts the social, economic and mental condition in a nation’ -Pt Jawaharlal Nehru. Women have been regarded as a symbol of spirituality in our scriptures. Yet, they have been treated badly and unequal to men. Social evils such as dowry, child marriage, and female infanticide are widely prevalent till date.
The social stratification of women in-India leaves them as a second rate citizen. It is no more evident than the violence to which a woman is subjected in her domestic setup. Violence against woman is present is every section of society, cutting boundaries of class, culture, education and age. Even though most societies proscribe violence against woman, the reality is that she is tortured physically, psychologically, sexually and economically. The right to equality, security dignity and self worth are denied to woman. At times, the place where a woman seeks love, safety, security and shelter, becomes a place of terror and violence at the hands of somebody close to them whom they trust.
With the passage of time, the spread of education and self-consciousness among women has led to their progress over the period. Women today are eager to take up every profession and work. Thus, they need to enjoy equal respect and dignity in the family.
There has been a steady transformation in the status of the women in comparison to earlier periods. Women of today take part completely in areas such as politics, status, military, economic, service, and technology sectors. Moreover, they have contributed wholly in sports too. Thus, occupying a dignified position in family and society.
However, ending crime against women is still a challenge. From hormonal changes to giving birth to a child, the life of a woman has a lot of struggles. Perhaps God has given the responsibility to give birth to a child to women because they are more brave and responsible than men would ever be. Yet, they don’t get the respect they so much deserve.
I believe that a society where its women do not feel secure and respected is not worth calling a society. Crimes like rape, domestic violence and trafficking have increased over time and the word respect is ebbing.
But what makes men act like this? What makes them think that they have the right to do the evil things to women? Well, I think it is their perception that makes them commit these heinous crimes. They tend to look at things in a negative manner and because of their way of thinking and perception, they haunt the women around them and pierce their lives with fear. First we build our perception and then our perception builds us. The kind of perception we create in our minds, the same kind of person we end up being.
I believe that if wrong perception is the disease, then building the right perception is the cure. Different creative ways should be applied to spread awareness on this sensitive issue and teach the male population to respect women.
Boys from an early age should be taught the importance of respecting the opposite gender. The documentaries should be shown to them in school so that they learn about the issue and gain moral values from an early age.
Everyone should know that if there was no woman, then we all would have never been born. A woman sacrifices a lot of things in her life. Yet, somehow she finds happiness in those things. I hope men would learn to give women the love and respect, she truly deserve.
Akshay Khanna,
Trikuta Nagar.