Why observe J&K Accession Day only & not of other Princely states that acceded to India Dominion, ask ‘some’?


Government of India in fair wisdom has initiated some actions in August 2019 which were in a way never priorities of the earlier governments but had become the must need for setting some routes for treading the paths for bringing peace and stability in J&K for medicating the ideological pollutions by eradicating the myths about ‘Kashmir’ being constitutionally total India and uprooting the separatist ideologies that had been also helping the foreign players in their designs against India since nearly all J&K questioning tones were raised by the leaders having roots in Kashmir Valley and those professing all identities only in Kashmiri at where as Kashmir valley is a very small region in comparison to even Jammu region what to talk of Ladakh Region. Ladakh region not even reflected from the name of the erstwhile State of J&K. But the political cadres need to work with much more care and commitment ( rising above petty political interests ) since the at social level much need be done and that can better be done by non governmental agencies. The gauge for the ‘success’ would be no other than return of the ‘migrants’ to Kashmir valley on their own.

  • Many unfair myths about the ‘accession’ & state of J&K have been allowed survive for 7 decades
  • ‘Koyi Bhi Duniyaan Ka Aadmi Nahin Hai Jo Jammu Kashmir Ko Kashmir State Ke Naam Se Nahin Janta: Azad
  • Ladakh region not even reflected from the name of the erstwhile State of J&K.
  • It was the right of the Prince of a Princely State only & not of ‘his
    subjects to Decide Accession
  • Those who have been cultivating myth of no merger have taken advantage of term ‘Vilay’ used for Accession
  • ‘Valley leaders’ were not checked for wrongly projecting Art 35A & Art 370 as ‘distancing’ symbols
  • Government of India (GOI) must atleast now draw clear line between Separatist & Mainstream ideologies
  • J&K Accession Day (Adhimilan Divas) is observed to undo otherwise myths about J&K being ‘total’ India
  • Once the myths are washed away there will be no need to observe J&K Accession day

With the enactment of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019 NO. 34 OF 2019 in the Seventieth Year of the Republic of India (received assent of President of India on 9th August 2019 ) atleast now a message has gone to the people ‘outside’ that the real dimensions of Bharat Varsh should be gauged from Ladakh to Kanayakumari. (i) Union territory of Ladakh comprising of territories of the existing State of Jammu and Kashmir, namely:- “Kargil and Leh districts” (ii) Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir comprising the territories of the existing State of Jammu and Kashmir other than those specified for UT of Ladakh.. Earlier also suggestions had been made to also show the areas occupied by Pakistan /China in the Jurisdictions of Divisional Commissioner Kashmir/ Divisional Commissioner Jammu/ Deputy Commissioner Leh/ Kargil. But still there are some occupied areas that need be formally mentioned under the jurisdictions of Divisional Commissioner Jammu / Divisional Commissioner Kashmir .
No doubt some people in J&K have expressed unhappiness over the enactment of THE JAMMU AND KASHMIR REORGANISATION ACT, 2019 NO. 34 OF 2019 that reorganised the then existing Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories. Objections have more come from the people of Jammu Region and that of Kashmir region where as the people of Ladakh Region are in general happy with the status of a Union Territory ( rather they are often found expressing thanks to present government of India for having presented the reorganisation bill in the Parliament ). Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been regularly assuring ,both inside as well as outside the Parliament, that at appropriate opportunity Government of India will approach the Parliament for according the status of a State to the present UT of J&K and people should have no otherwise opinion on that.
The facts, needs and the references that have been discussed here will have to be taken among the common masses in well meaning way and with minimum possible off colours and dimensions of streams of political gamesmanship rising above any regional and religious controversies.
{Daya Sagar ( Sr Journalist , Analyst J&K Affairs) [email protected]}.