‘Why JMC asleep during time of crisis’



JAMMU: Criticizing Jammu Municipal Corporation for not taking enough measures to manage COVID crisis in Jammu, former Minister J&K and Senior Congress leader Yogesh Sawhney on Saturday said that JMC and other authorities have become mute spectators to unraveling crisis. Citing example of Srinagar where well-equipped COVID Wellness centres are being set up with oxygen concentrators and proper medical staff to supplement hospital care, he said that such efforts should also be initiated in Jammu. Jammu Lochan Hall at Kachi Chawni, Chandrabhaga at Canal road both belonging to JMC, and Devak Committee Hall of JDA at Janipur are the community halls could be utilised for the purpose but are presently vacant. Why is JMC not using areas under its own jurisdiction to expand scope of COVID medical care, he asked.
Speaking on the matter, Sawhney said that elected BJP leaders are brazenly sleeping through the pandemic whilst the common man is struggling for his life. “BJP leaders including Mayor, Dy Mayor are letting the people of Jammu down through their inaction and negligence. Inefficient administration, running from responsibility, and giving mighty speeches have become their habit. Lives of people are at stake here. Another part of the problem is the incompetence, with which they’re leading people through a crisis. They’ve not even completed their sanitation drives. Approved oxygen plants and medical Infrastructure projects will take time to be set-up properly. So, all avenues have to be explored now. JMC needs to get more involved with COVID relief work and provide assistance to medical community in fighting off the deadly virus,” he added.
He further said that although the authorities claim that there is no lack of vaccinations, medical supply or oxygen, however people’s accounts tell a different story. Jammu is recording increasing cases of infections each day, on top of which, there is a huge possibility of shortage of oxygen supply, staff, ventilators, hospital beds, and that the medical infrastructure will soon find it difficult to cope with the situation. “What is needed is maximum utilisation of all viable and available options to decrease chances of that happening. There is a lot that municipal authorities can accomplish if they have the right motivation, however, in the case of Jammu that seems to be lacking,” he asserted.
The former Minister then urged the administration to ramp up equipments, medical Infrastructure, human resources and information needed to tackle the crisis to save as many lives as can be saved. “If other places are doing it, why is not Jammu doing everything that can be done? Authorities like JMC need to take immediate steps to ensure efficiency in management of second wave. With every passing day, Jammu witnesses newer highs in positive cases, therefore, we need more COVID Care Centres which are well-staffed, well-managed and have necessary medical facilities round the clock. Oxygen concentrators to ensure that patients have enough oxygen supply, round the clock medical service are needed and these will serve as isolation centres to curb the spread of the virus. A mere lockdown is not enough. Hospitals need as much as help as can be given,” he suggested.