Where are we heading?


Dear Editor,
The very first scene you see when you step out of your homes is children below age of 14 years seeking alms at traffic signals. They very well know how to play with people’s emotions and make money. One can easily find children begging at traffic signals, near temples, main Chowks of city and other tourist’s places’.
The number of beggars is increasing in the city. Children, women, aged-persons can be seen at every traffic signal seeking alms. These child beggars mostly use novel techniques to attract people as their sole purpose is to get money from them. One of the main reasons behind this increasing trend of beggary at traffic signals is lack of attention on part of the authorities concerned.
There is nothing wrong in saying that at almost every traffic signal, one can find 4-5 child beggars seeking alms. Traffic signals have become new favourite address of these child beggars. One will find children below the age of 14 seeking alms, asking for food and sometimes they even ask you for chocolates or toffees.
At almost every red light in the city and in outskirts there is an entire family begging for alms. Children in rags, asking for money bother you at such points. While it has become a common sight, I do not know how many people stop and think about those kids who are begging. I am sure these kids are also visible to the high profile Government officials, social workers and NGOs too. Then, why are the government agencies and NGOs blind to it?
Now what should we say to such an approach. Is this ignorance or actually they are comfortable in this life style and do not need a change. These child beggars have no dreams of future nor do they want to go to school and do something in life. It is sad that children are begging to earn for their family and their childhood gets ruined but the most worse part is that these children are happy and do not want to learn anything. The only thing they are concerned is making money. All this is happening right in front of us and no one actually is bothered about it.
On one hand, we say children are the future of a nation. Is this our future?
D.P Singh (Raju),
Sainik Colony.


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