Ways to eradicate poverty


It would not be erroneous to dub poverty, a curse for 1.2 billion people of India in particular and infinite number of people of world in general. As per records, even in 21st Century nearly 67 per cent of India is poor. Though our Government swings from one party’s lap to other in every five years but poor remains poor. A poor starts his life with incalculable dreams and aspirations of soothe & sumptuousness and sleeps in the lap of death along with those unfilled dreams. Today, we are living in a state of imbalance, where a rich is having all the doors of progress, opulence and capital open and a poor has no access to a solitary way of earning. The irony is that all government policies merely embellish the flower and leaves of a tree for its augmentation, leaving its roots under-nourished. Can any body envisage the growth of that tree? The answer is big no. So, there is a dire need to bring radical changes in Government policies. Following are the steps to be taken for complete eradication of poverty from India.
The first and fore most step to be taken in the way of eradication of seed of poverty from India, is the drafting of a strong fixed property law. Under this law, every Indian should be liable to make fixed amount of money and assets during his or her life time. This law would debar all the resourceful and corrupt persons to accommodate huge money and property for them. Thus, it would open innumerable ways for poor to raise their standard of living.
I am very apologetic to say that in spite of knowing the fact that 67 per cent of India is poor, why our economists and politicians implement pay commissions. There is no prudence in providing one section of society with ample quantity of money and letting other section of society to starve. Even a layman can understand that, it is an attempt to fill half filled glasses. I request to the Finance Minister of India to please look into the matter because empty stomachs, wet eyes, and torn clothed bodies are imploring before you. Government can simply utilize the money for generating new jobs for poor.
As a matter of fact, the turbulence between India and Pakistan is pushing both the countries from poor to poorer. The money which they would have utilised for the betterment of their deprived people is engulfed by terrorism. Both the countries have to realise that, this parasite of terrorism is eating away their economy. Both these countries would never appear on the map of developed countries, unless they will decipher this dilemma. Moreover, if our people keep on starving, there is no need to slay them with bullets and atomic bombs. They would automatically die out of hunger.
Even a layman can understand that it is hard to satisfy the appetite of a family of ten members with two pieces of bread but even then there is swift rise in India’s population. I it is hard to change the mindset of people by mere counseling. So, there is a dire need of a strong population control law.
As, we cannot fill air inside a defected balloon in the similar way, no policy can eradicate poverty from India unless and until there is a control over India’s
population. Self-sufficiency in farming is the only way to enhance the living standard every poor Indian. But sorry to say we are neglecting farming. We feel honour to become IAS, IPS but no one feels honoured to become a farmer. There is a dire need to amend the mind set. If we become an IAS or IPS then we would earn for our self only but if we become a flourishing farmer then we can provide food to millions of ravenous mouths. So there is dire need that media should glorify farming and farmers and government should invest as much funds as it can on farmers and farming industry. Revolutionising farming sector would be like watering of roots of tree of progress and opulence. After this tree of progress would breed by on its own.
According to a survey conducted, if every one would give Zakat/Dan as prescribed by their religious texts then no one would die of starvation.
In the end, I would like to say that everybody is on this earth for a specific period of time. It is every one’s right to enjoy lavishness in life. So, our Government and people should join hands in giving the poor their part of contentment and bliss.
By Sunaina Malik


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