War of words for vaccination; queries raised be answered: TMF



JAMMU: Team Mask Force Chairman, Vijay Sharma, while appreciating Country’s Scientist & Researcher for coming out with Covid-19 vaccination, congratulated them for putting up all out efforts to give country & world the vaccination.
“PM Narendra Modi greeted the scientists leading it to Atam Nirbhar programme of the country. The statements made by certain set of leaders have raised controversies in the safety & success of 1st vaccination of the country and have made it infighting between the Government and opposition parties,” Sharma said in a statement issued here on Tuesday.
Sharma appealed to all those who matter to create faith amongst the countrymen and queries being raised must be satisfied by those who are indeed responsible to give certification of the same. The media report from Maxican Doctor’s Allergic reaction reveal that after receiving Pfizer BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine the doctor experienced seizures, difficulty breathing and a skin rash, after which she was admitted to the ICU of a public hospital in the Northern state of Nuevo Leon, he said.
“Earlier on December 25, the country kicked off its vaccination campaign against the novel coronavirus with a vaccine developed by Pfizer and it’s German partner BioNTech with health care workers prioritized, the first person to be vaccinated was a 32yrs Maria Irene Ramrez, Head of Nursing at the ICU of the Ruben Lenero Hospital in Mexico City. If this could happen why not much more serious complications can’t take place when 3rd trial data is yet to come & studies made. It’s not understandable that what makes the Government to go in haste & Act like James Bond,” added Sharma.
“We have to fight with Pandemic and not risk human lives & more particularly when it comes to health workers who have to come to our rescue when it comes to that. Free or No free vaccination move should help the countrymen not play with their lives if it comes to that we need not to rely on rhetorical and vaccination move be made with solid footings,” he said.


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