Vijaypur-Ramgarh, bye-pass road along canal in shabby condition: Manjit


Vijaypur: Apni Party Provincial President and Former Minister Manjit Singh on Friday expressed concern over under-development and ragged condition of roads in Samba District.
In his statement to the press, Manjit Singh said that the road connectivity is one of the main concerns of the locals in Vijaypur, Ramgarh and the bye-pass road along the canal near Vijaypur Bazaar.
“One would be surprised to note that the blacktopping of the above roads has been ignored for the last 13 years. These roads were black topped in 2007 and since then, no one took a look at the condition of the roads,” said Manjit Singh.
He said that he has raised this issue before the Chief Engineer PWD and XEN of R&B Dept of Samba District and the officer has assured response in this regard.
He said that this is not Vijaypur, but other areas in Samba district have the same condition and the developmental works which were taken by the previous Govt. have come to grinding halt.
“No one is focusing on the developmental works. The absence of an elected Govt. and supremacy of bureaucracy has downgraded the status of common masses as they had a say in the Govts,” said Manjit Singh.
He said that “The response of the officials hardly delivered on the ground and it has created more problems for the common masses.” “The basic issues like electricity, water supply, canal water upto tail-end villages. All these issues always remain unaddressed compelling people to suffer under the bureaucracy who are not answerable to the people,” he added.