Unscheduled power cuts adding to woes


Dear Editor,
The whole country is reeling under intense heat wave, but our Jammu is facing not only the heat of weather but the frequent unscheduled power cuts adds to miseries of the people. There is hardly any day when the people get uncut electricity supply.
The present situation in Jammu regarding electricity supply is so unpromising despite the entire city been covered under the e-metering. None of the area in the region can claim of receiving electricity round the clock. The common people are paying a huge price for the frequent electricity cuts. The four months of summers are more difficult and the irony is that the cut increases during these four hot months only. The Government as well as the Electricity department has no obvious reason available, as to why there exists the unscheduled power cut in the city despite the fact that the consumers are paying the heavy electric bills regularly. It is very tough to manage such power cuts in this hot season and the worst thing happens when the department just acts like an audience who is silently watching the play. If the same situation had emerged in Kashmir, the government would have definitely taken some action. The power cuts are so frequent in the city that people refuse to admit that they are living in hi-tech globalised world where electricity reaching their homes uninterrupted is yet a far off dream.
We, the residents of ward no 35, through your esteemed daily, request Governor to kindly look into this matter so that we can get relief from these unscheduled power cuts.
Kuldeep Kumar Rao,