Unscheduled power cuts adding to miseries


Dear Editor,
Jammu is facing not only chilliness of the weather but frequent unscheduled power-cuts are further adding to the miseries of the people. There is hardly any day when people get uninterrupted electricity supply. Haphazard outages and lack of public information appear to be the hallmarks of Power Development Department, despite years of load management.
Power woes are there to worsen the season’s torridness for them. People living in city and outskirts are experiencing erratic outages for durations of more than two hours.
The present situation in Jammu regarding electricity availability is unpromising despite the entire city has been covered under the e-metering.
There is no fixed time for the cut, which is even worse. Sometimes the power goes off in the afternoon and at other times in evening. Every year department fails to make better arrangements for winters, when the load is high as compared to summers. In our area, power cut is an everyday story.
Children feel uncomfortable and are unable to study properly. Power-cuts during late hours make life more uncomfortable and miserable. Since its exam season and children need to study late, these power-cuts just waste the precious time of students who are preparing for competitive exams.
It is also pertinent to mention here that in outskirts of the city, slum-dwellers are enjoying electricity without any approved connections.
These power thefts add extra load due to which others suffer. There is a strong nexus between these people and linemen and the saddest thing is that the department is watching all this as a mute spectator.
It is high time that the concerned agencies should do something to meet the electricity needs. Moreover, the need of the hour is that the concerned authorities should tighten up the loop-holes and take some strict action against defaulters so that students do not suffer and can study well.
D.P Singh,
Sainik Colony,


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