UNSC resolutions on PoJK proved toothless – Hence why not ask Pak to move out by an appointed date?


Even hard / political reactions to what Dr. Farooq Abdullah ‘professed’ came on 16th November 2017 from Union Minister Hans Raj Ahir who said on the sidelines of function in Delhi that Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir is a part of India, due to the mistakes of the previous governments it has been with Pakistan and if we try to get “PoK” ( PoJK) back, no one can stop us because it is our right. But he did not clarify why has not Government of India tried to get back ‘PoK’ (PoJK) that could prove Dr. Farooq Abdullah wrong who has been professing / suggesting that to him for peace & stability in J&K the only possible solution could converting LOC into a regular international border?

After the 14th February 2019 attack on CRPF convoy the emotions in India have run very high and even the Government has initiated an exampleary surgical strike involving Indian Airforce destroying huge militant installations / camps across LoC in Balakot Pakistan. Indian people and all the parties in opposition too have put their weight behind Government of India for any course that the government may deem fit for action against Pakistan/ militants and as regards the areas of Indian state of J&K as occupied by Pakistan by aggressions.

More so as regards the 22nd February 1994 Parliament resolution that had in a way, in the style of something like facts & reasons, reiterated that the State of Jammu & Kashmir has been, is and shall be an integral part of India and any attempts to separate it from the rest of the country will be resisted by all necessary means ( of course otherwise also required in terms of Art-1 of Constitution of India and Section-3 of Jammu & Kashmir Constitution), it had been demanded ( from Pakistan) that Pakistan must vacate the areas of the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir (POJK), which they have occupied through aggression. So, Government of India had to get the operative part of the resolution (“Pakistan must vacate the areas of the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir, which they have occupied through aggression”) executed and that part of the resolution has so far remained pointedly unsaid & un executed at the level of GOI.
I do not find any where even after 22nd Feb 1994 where GOI at any level (PM or FM level) have pointedly asked Pakistan with force to vacate occupied areas. Dr. Farooq Abdullah too had in the 16th Parliament shown his concern for there being very-very rare occasions where references have been made for the follow up action with respect to the 22nd February 1994 resolution on POJK.
It was on 12 December 2018 that GOI was pointedly asked to reply on the floor of Lok Sabha by Dr. Kirit Somaiya BJP MP (a) whether the Government has asked Pakistan at diplomatic level to vacate all illegally occupied areas of Kashmir;(b) if so, the details thereof…. but the reply as could be read from the contents of the written answer given by GOI has not been that speaking as was demanded/ required.
Dr. Farooq Abdullah, 3 times J&K Chief Minister , had dragged his self into controversies that have sounded even ‘anti national to many’ when he has during his public addresses & media interviews at occasions, particularly since 2016, like he said in November 2017 suggesting that in his opinion the only possible solution as regards the areas of Indian State of J&K that have been occupied illegitimately by Pakistan would be converting the LOC into Indian borders professing that otherwise he does not see any end to the 7 decades old turmoil/ unrest in which people of J&K are living.
Dr. Farooq Abdullah has at occasions also made reference of suggestions that transpired between him and the then Indian PM in 1999 ( recently 02-12-2017 with Aak Tak : < dekhiye agar imandari se meri baat maante aap, agar Vajpayee ji jeet gaye hote – oos election mein jo us ke vaad aeya (2004 mein aaeya),mujhe umeed hai ke bo jaroor is mamle ko behtari ki or le jatae . ……. Vajpayee ji ne mujhae khud bulaeya , jab lahore gye (20-21 Feb 1999), mujhe nahin le gyae , kyon ke pakistan ke liye Farooq Abdullah ……. mein ha .. mil jaega … aap to mante nahi…. aap to samjhte hain ki mein Pakistani hoon … mein attankbadi hoon.. bo samjhte hain ki meri chamdi uttar deinge .. je haal hai , bus mein jab gye, magar mujh se poocha … mein ja raha hoon, meine kaha mubarak hai jaeyae aur kuch kar ke aeeyae, jab gye to meine poocha kya kiya aap ne, kha meine vaat ki ke tum bo hissa rakh lo hum jhe rakh leinge aur line ko theek karein ge … jahaan aap hamare andar hain bapis chale jaeeye, jahaan hum andar hai bapis chale jayein ge aur dono vatan theek se rahein ge, nahinhuya > .
But even if some solution of the type as referred / indicated here in the claimed ‘quotes’ is considered by the Government of the day still unless the Parliament is involved no any territory of indian state of J&K can be given to some other country and that should not be done.
Right through 1989 till 14 February 2019 militant attack on the CRPF convoy near Pulwama ( J&K) where in more than 40 Indian jawans were martyred it has been the considered opinion of Government of India that Pakistan has been and is acting against Indian interests by materially and diplomatically supporting the anti India militant & separatists for inflicting material as well as ideologically damages in the Indian state of J&K including conduct of ‘atrocities’ also on the people of J&K living in the areas occupied by Pakistan since 1947/48. Going by the claims / indicators that have come from the government now after 14th February 2019 Pulwama attack Pakistan Government has been more pushed to the wall by the policies of the present government as well as by the response / support that India has received from international community except China ( who have its own compulsions).
The assessments and information that is being shared in media with the reference of government of India sources / or as claimed to be assessed by GOI about the political/economic/military status of Pakistan is that the Pakistan economy is shattered, Pakistan is no way equipped to bear the brunt of attack if India ventures into this day ( not even for 3 to 4 days ) and the ‘democratic’ Imran Khan Government is a puppet in Pakistan.
So, going by all that and claims of government functionaries it appears to be the appropriate time for Government of India to : (i) Issue a final call on Pakistan to immediately withdraw her forces/ people from the areas of Indian state of J&K that have been illegally occupied after 1947/48 otherwise no option will be left with India than to get vacation by any other possible means including militarily (ii) Inform UN Security Council that it has been now more than 7 decades since India requested UNSC to prevail upon Pakistan to vacate the illegally occupied areas of Indian state of J&K but still no result has come and hence India is asking Pakistan to withdraw her forces since India cannot afford to wait for more time as the POJK areas are being also used by some forces under the patronage of Pakistan to disturb peace / stability including Indian state of J&K through militant / terrorist/ separatist activities (iii) Use open force in case Pakistan does not respond favorably in the given immediate time.
( Daya Sagar is a Sr Journalist & analyst of J&K Affairs. [email protected])