Unnecessary honking irking people


Dear editor,
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to highlight the issue of loud music and pressure horns in mini-buses and other vehicles.
In our city, playing loud music and honking unnecessarily are the major reasons behind increase in noise pollution. For some, honking is simply fun and nothing else. You are feeling happy, so you honk, play loud music, almost as if you are a kid playing with a noise-making toy.
Despite ban on usage of pressure horn, music systems in public transport, the directives are being violated right under the nose of traffic authorities. The bus drivers use sound systems at high base, causing noise pollution and a threat to lives of passengers as accidents can occur.
Here, people do not even bother to stop honking in ‘No Horn’ areas.
One can find people honking unnecessarily near hospitals and other such places without thinking of problems others suffer due to it.
A few days back I came to know that the Traffic Police has launched a drive and has seized a number of music systems from mini buses and matadors. I hope it will bring some respite from loud music in matadors.
I strongly believe that there is a need to start a drive against pressure horns, loud music and unnecessary honking.
The department needs to be act strict in implementing the laws made and should work hard to make people learn that use of pressure horns and unnecessary honking is against law, as it adds to noise pollution and nothing else.
The need of the hour is to make people aware regarding the same and strict implementation of laws made for a safe drive on roads.

Suhail Sharma, Student.