Universities & colleges, gateway of life


Vijay Garg
In universities and colleges, students learn to read and write as well as to test their lives. In these educational institues, students learn to communicate well, to recognize right from wrong, to face difficulties in life, and to walk in society.
That is why these are very important in the life of any human being. Your friends play an important role in determining what kind of person you will be in life. Most of these friends are found at school, college, or university. When you are in college or university, friends are not as close as they used to be. That is why you will always remember the days spent in university and college.
The way you act, behave, and communicate will always reflect that experience. You will always remember the friends, love, teachers, canteen, class and hostel mates every time in your life.
You will always be eager to relive the memories of college and university. In fact, remembering that time makes everyone happy. Even if you have nothing, you will feel rich with those memories. At that time, the desire to live again that period always arises in the heart.
Everyone likes their college, varsity time better than any other phase. It is not possible to learn what we learn in days of student life and struggle before or after.
Students living in hostels also live very easily in less money, space etc. One can learn to keep oneself happy even in least facilities. No matter how rich a student is from home, he always has a shortage of money. That is why money transactions often take place among friends who teach them to behave properly and help
Students often fall in love at this time of life. If this love succeeds then one finds a spouse who knows everything from the core of heart and fully understands the spouse. When love fails, they learn to control their mind and emotions, which is the key to a happy life. At the same time, they learn that life will not always be what you expect it to be. The opposite can also happen. Therefore, we need to be prepared for any situation that may arise.
Adapting the situation is also one of the qualities learned from student life. While staying in the hostel, we hang out with a lot of people. Gradually, the difference between a good and a bad person is experienced, which helps in deciding what kind of person to treat. Jokes made by friends teach tolerance. To get to school and college, students get up early, eat meals on time, and follow a number of other rules that guide them to live a disciplined and orderly life.
A disciplined person always succeeds in life. While studying, one acquires the skills to make the right decision at the right time and solve problems. In the old days we could learn these qualities from family, neighbourhood and work, but nowadays due to business and increasing use of mobile phones, people are less able to communicate with each other and do not spend much time with each other.
Today this is possible only in schools and colleges. Therefore, their importance has increased even more. Today, all schools, colleges and universities are closed due to the Covid-19 epidemic, which has led to the provision of online classes by these institutions, which was necessary at a time it has prevented students from losing their education.
If the trend of online classes becomes permanent then students will be deprived of acquiring above qualities due to which their education will be used only for earning a living and their social, physical and intellectual development is not possible. Students who are interested in folk dance, folk song, reading literature, painting, sports etc. are also provided numerous opportunities by schools and they succeed in the related field.
Online classes can be a means of teaching but can never take place of educational institutions as the learning environment created by educational institutions is not possible through online classes.
The good news is that things are getting better now. Corona cases have dropped significantly and deaths have dropped significantly. The government is also making efforts to gradually open schools and colleges, following the instructions given for COVID-19.
The epidemic should end as soon as possible and colleges, universities, hostels should be fully open and never close again. Students want to come back to school, college and experience life again and enjoy this beautiful period of life as before.


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