Udhampur Admn launches anti-encroachment drive


UDHAMPUR: Newly posted Deputy Commissioner Udhampur Indu Kanwal Chib conducted visit to Gole market. During her visit, she asked the shopkeepers not to display their goods outside their shops limit and not to encroach footpath and road.
A contingent of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), president Dr. Yogeshwar Gupta and local councilors of Municipality Committee (MCU) Udhampur and police led by Deputy Commissioner Indu Chib took round of much congested Gole market locality and removed the goods and material placed on footpath. On seeing the action of administration local shopkeepers themselves removed their placed goods from the footpath. Meantime MCU demarked limits of the shops with ropes. Talking to the media DC Indu Chib said “we the district administration no way want to disturb or interested to cause any damage to any genuine shopkeeper who is doing business within his shop’s limit and not displaying shop belongings on the road side or footpath. She added that this particular rope was placed outside every shops so that no body extend their shop beyond demarcated rope line. “In case who so ever found violating the order shall be fined by MCU under rule” she added.