Triennial conference of BMS commences



KATHUA: Two days triennial conference of Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh Jammu Kashmir started at Kathua on Saturday in which more than two hundred delegates from all over the state participated. Vinay Kumar Sinha, All India General Secretary Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh inaugurated the conference and Daljit Singh Chairman Reception Committee also accompanied him during occasion.
While addressing the delegates, Sinha said that in coming days there are lot of challenges being posed by the Govt. new labour codes are also going to be implemented in near feature and Govt has not taken care of secure employment as new form of employment such as fix term employment, contract employment etc are coming up which are not employees friendly and employers are being given free hands. “It is also wrong to say that govt. is for governance where as govt should have to take care of its citizen by all means and employers cannot be given free hands for hire and fire employment policies where as it is the need of the hour to make urgent Bureaucratic reforms for proper implementation of govt. policies instead of selling Govt stakes in public sector, govt. have to ensure social security, job security, proper employment policy and for achieving all these mottos needs proper implementation and we have to make pressure on the Govt. form district levels” he said.