With daily corona positive case counts increasing, we can all do our best to stay safe by wearing face masks, staying home as much as possible, washing hands frequently, and keeping distance besides following other preventive measures recommended by the authorities. Still, even with all those steps, there’s still a chance to catch virus, since COVID-19 spreads so easily from a person to another person, including through 20 percent of people, who experience zero symptoms yet are still contagious. So with that in mind, it’s wise to plan ahead for what is going to be a different experience. Put in your family Doctor’s Phone Number on wall calendar with knowledge of everyone in family. Our family doctor is the best person to contact in case any coronavirus positive case arises. It will relieve us of the nervousness and panic we may gather because of symptoms that may be otherwise than that of corona infection. We must be aware of the ‘Nearest Testing Facility’ location. The people of JKUT can contact Helpline Number: 0191-2520982 (Jammu) and 0194-2440283 (Srinagar) or central Helpline Number: 1075. For queries regarding RAT/RTPCR/COVID Testing, Bed Availability and Pulse Oximeter, a Divisional Control Room has been set in Jammu to provide 24X7 services. The helpline numbers are: 01912549679, 01912520982, 01912674444, 01912974115 and 0191 2674908. We must have a thermometer in our home to monitor internal temperature and temperature of everyone in our household, if someone shows symptoms of infection. Bonus points if we snag a different thermometer per person! Either way, be sure to clean thermometer properly between each use.
COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways and so have our priorities. One needs to be extra careful when in public places or are travelling to reduce the exposure to disease-causing germs and bacteria. The stay at home is to stay safe but under some circumstances, one has to take travel that is unavoidable. In this horrifying pandemic situation, we have to put our best efforts into making ourselves and others free from infection. To do that, we will need awareness and know-hows of some COVID-19 essentials product-list to fight better. Under such compelling circumstances, while taking travel, we must keep ourselves equipped with a kit containing face-mask that is an essential thing we must carry before stepping outside of house. The face mask helps to keep us away from respiratory infections arriving from others. Face Shield, like a face mask, is a hindrance to helping our respiratory system clear from foreign bodies. It is optically clear and protects face and mask from direct splatter. In this pandemic, hand sanitizer catches eye of everyone. Sanitizer should be at our home as well as with us in a pocket friendly pack, while we are outside of our house. Ideally, we should wash our hands for twenty seconds with soap or cleanser. But when it is not possible, we can use sanitizer to clean our hands. Make sure we always carry a hand sanitizer containing a minimum of 60 per cent ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. It is good to keep a disinfectant handy when we are travelling. Put it in the car or backpack to wipe down surface we tend to touch a lot. The car door, cell phones, shopping cart etc all these things are breeding grounds of bacteria and viruses. We should clean them often with a good disinfecting cleaner, containing 7.5 per cent hydrogen peroxide. Staying hydrated is important in all seasons. Apart from keeping some hydration pouches, we must carry a water bottle with us while stepping out. Rather than stopping at a store to buy one, it is good to carry a bottle from home. Not only during the pandemic, but tissues is something that we should always carry with us when we go out. The tissue paper can be used for several purposes like covering our mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing, wiping our face, cleaning doors, handling and touching elevator buttons. It is an easy solution to limit our exposure to the germs and bacteria. Disinfectant wipes are essential these days. Use them to wipe our surroundings and our hands and face. If we are travelling by public transport, use these to wipe down the back of the seat in front of us, arm rests and every surface around us that could have infectious droplets. While travelling, carrying our own disposable or reusable cutlery is a sensible step. This might seem excessive, but we would rather be safe than sorry at the end of the day. Everyone should have one first aid box, and now it is more necessary to have it. Make sure our first aid kit contains all essential medicines such as paracetamol, pain-killers, thermometer, etc. Last but not least we must carry power banks to ensure we never run out of battery when we need it the most.
Concluding, we can arrive at that there are numerous things we want to keep in our homes during this pandemic. However, few products must be there, such as sanitizer, mask and face shield. These are uncertain times, and it’s understandable to feel anxious. But, please don’t be a panic buyer and purchase only those things which you need.
Mahadeep Singh Jamwal