Transforming challenges into opportunities: Modi shows the way!



JAMMU: A year younger to Republic of India, Israel has become a foremost military and technology power of West Asia, and thus a real threat to the neighbouring hostile Muslim world. On the contrary, the Ahinsawadi India preferred not to be self-reliant in defence sector and as a consequence got reduced as a nation without having even life-saving bullet proof jackets for its armed forces. The inherent weakness bolstered the tiny rogue state of Pakistan to wage perpetual proxy war against India through thugs and Jihadis.
The disgusting defence policy has been a source of dissatisfaction for the present NDA government from Day-1.
Silently but swiftly, the pioneer of ‘Make in India’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi has steered India to a level of confidence where challenges become easy to overcome resolutely with just a little bit of courage. Pullback of Dragon from the Eastern Ladakh is a case in point to maintain how the meanest of the mean can be tamed and made to fall in line.
If reports are to be believed, July 5, 2020 was very important because the coalition of China, Pakistan and Iran had made full preparations to attack India. The date was fixed that under the policy of simultaneous attack, the Pakistan Army was to attack Kashmir. Chinese soldiers had reached Pakistan to help the Pak Army. But the Indian Intelligence Agency (RAW) and the CIA and Mossad were also fully aware of this attack. Therefore, the entire preparation of the Indian Army was also complete. Before July 5, Modi reached Ladakh and ordered free hand to the army and also threatened China. Before any action could have taken place, Israel launched a blazing attack on Iran early in the morning of July 5 and destroyed all Iran’s weapons that were a threat to it. Panicky Pak military officers refused to attack Kashmir because the fleet of Indian submarines had reached close to Karachi and conveyed to Pakistan that if attacked, India was ready to attack from several sides simultaneously, which was not estimated by Pakistan at all. India had already taken the superpowers into confidence. America, Japan, Australia, France, Russia all stood with Prime Minister Modi. America had made its warship in a ready position in South China Sea. In a hurry, China tried to negotiate.
The Galwan carnage by Chinese was a turning point for India under Modi to restrategise its response on the Line of Actual Control. And, it took just months of mobilization and deployment of the valiant troops at rugged mountain peaks to tell China ‘enough is enough’. It was not the show of might that made Chinese to kneel but resolve of the leadership that worked in making the mischievous, notorious and rogue enemy to bow, notwithstanding her lackeys within the country playing ‘Jaichands’ with impunity. Modi had to fight on several fronts-militarily and diplomatically with China and politically with Rahul Gandhi’s Congress, Maoist leftists and the entire liberals thriving on Lutyens patronage.
Narendra Modi has shown, time and again, how challenges can be transformed into opportunities like India did post pandemic outbreak in March last year. Dependent on very basics like PP Kits, masks and ventilators during the most emergent situation, India jumped into action and came up with the production of these essentials in abundance, not for domestic use only but to export to the needy nations as well. Similarly, the challenge of combating pandemic led India to produce three brands of vaccine and the Prime Minister launched a massive programme to inoculate the health and frontline workers besides exporting to the neighbouring countries as a goodwill and humanitarian measure.
These two recent developments are enough to instill a sense of confidence among Indians on all fronts so long Modi commands the wheels. True, the biggest challenge posed by the enemies on the Line of Control and Line of Actual Control remains a cause of worry for compatriots but the measures underway rekindle the hope that India has attained the capacity and capability to build its defence mechanism on the most modern lines. Self reliance in defence manufacturing holds key to India’s overall development, peace and prosperity. It must not be forgotten that shortcomings in safeguarding territorial integrity significantly encourages scourge of terror to flourish, especially when the two rogue nations keep itching to engineer violent disturbances in parts of the country.
Strong defence line is the answer to strong India and that is what the Modi Government has embarked upon.
The Prime Minister has made it known that India is working hard to enhance its capabilities and capacities in the defence-manufacturing sector at a fast pace. Isn’t it a pity that a country that had hundreds of ordnance factories before independence with large-scale weapons export in both world wars was reduced to an entity dependent on import of even the smallest weapons? After independence, the nation was made to remain dependent on imports, as it would entail benefits. The middlemen system in the defence procurement is no more a secret. India has witnessed horrible instances of defence deals getting marred by the allegations of commissions.
Prime Minister Modi has changed the scenario. He has prioritized domestic manufacturing of defence requirements, knowing well that the nation has been made the biggest importers across the world.
The country, which has the capacity to reach Mars could have made modern weapons also, but it became an easy way to import weapons from abroad. Modi has reaffirmed that the country is working hard to change the situation and also to enhance its capacities and capabilities at a fast pace. The example of the indigenously-developed Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), Tejas testifies this claim. Once relying on the country’s engineers and scientists in developing Tejas and today, it is flying gracefully in the skies. With successful accomplishment of the project, an order worth Rs 48,000 crore has been placed for Tejas. Encouraged by the experiment, a list of 100 important items related to defence has been made that can be manufactured indigenously with the help of local industries. There is no reason that India can actually manufacture all these items, given the capacity and capabilities of its engineers besides the trust reposed by the Prime Minister.


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