Traffic jams irking commuters


Dear Editor,
I would like to express my view about traffic jams which is being faced by common people on Udhampur-Chenani National Highway everyday and night through the medium of your esteemed daily newspaper. The National Highway Authorty Of India is carrying out four-lane road construction work from Udhampur to Banihal of 110 Km.The strectch between Udampur-Chenani is 30km and Nashri to Jawahar Tunnel is 80 Km. Travelling on Jammu-Kashmur National Highway along with Jammu-Kishtwar National Highway has become a nightmare as people are forced to spend more than 12 hours to cover the distance which otherwise could take barely 5-6 hours. The reason behind the slow down of vehicular movement on these two vital road Iink is failed management of traffic flow, which often leads to worst Jams. It has been observed that thousands of vehicles remain stranded for hours together in traffic jam in and around Udhampur and up to the road leading to Chenani-Nashri Tunnel and much to surprise hardly any traffic cop or regular cops are seen performing the duty with regards to streamlining of traffic on this stretch which is a common passage for people who travel on Jammu-Kishtwar or Jammu-Srinagar National Highway.
Udhampur to Chenani road is the worst stretch where the upgradation work is going on at snail pace. The traffic jams has become the hallmark of road as a result of which the people travelling on these roads face difficulty. There are also landslides on the National Highway since several years and the authorities at the helm of affairs have failed to address the issue. The Udhampur-Chenani road condition is pathetic as there are many potholes and debris on the road due to construction work of the road.Moreover traffic jams have become a routine affair for the common people. It is requested that Government of India should direct National Highway Authorty of India to expedite the road construction process so that people travelling on the road have a sigh of relief. It is also suggested that alternate road from Udhampur viva Hydroelectric Project Chenani to Chenani Tunnel should be opened for heavy load carriers and trucks till completion of four laning road that helps in minimising jams on road. Last but not least traffic police should be deployed at different places on Udhampur -Chenani road to monitor and regulate the vehicular movement on the road till completion of repair work. All these steps helps in solving the problem of jams and providing relief to the passengers who are common people, VIPS, patients, students or even Government employees.
Mool Raj,
Bhagota (Rivera) Panjsoo,