Timely intervention saves mangoes growers of Samba district from pre-harvest losses due to thunderstorm


SAMBA: Mangoes growers of Samba district had to face considerable amount of fruit fall due to thunderstorm which occurred on 20th of May. Acting swiftly on getting reports about considerable fruit fall, the district administration activated officers of Horticulture Planning and Marketing Department and NRLM Samba. On directions of Anuradha Gupta worthy DC Samba, in last couple of days 05 tonnes of fallen mangoes were got procured from mangoes growers @ Rs. 8-10/ per kg by rural processors like Prashant Charak Bassi Kalan, NRLM SHG ladies Samba, Kristu Jyoti Social Welfare Society, Samba for making Amchur. This fruit falk was due to heavy thunderstorm two days back, in which a number of orchardists suffered losses. Taking inspiration from the district administration efforts, many local womenfolk have also started preparing Amchur from fallen fruit, on their own. This is for the first time that because of timely intervention of Anuj Verma AGMO Samba Department of Horticulture Planning and Marketing under directions & guidance of worthy DC Samba, mangoes growers of Samba district got value for pre harvest losses of fruit. Vishesh Mahajan JKAS Director Horticulture Planning and Marketing kept close monitoring on this whole exercise.
This fallen fruit, otherwise was a wate, which now is being processed for making Amchur by rural processors and rural womenfolk which generally fetches price between Rs. 150/- to Rs. 200/- per kg in the market.
This is a unique case of converting waste fruit into a value added product and growers getting value for fallen fruit. Approx 20 qtl fallen were mangoes procured by Sh. Prashant Charak Rural Food Processor and 20 qtl. by NRLM staff from Vijaypur belt for making Amchur. Prashant Charak, himself a mango grower, has around seven qtl of fruit fall. He has started processing of approximately 30 qtls of fallen raw mangoes for making of amchur powder and ampanna.