Time to defeat those who betrayed people’s faith: Harsh



MAJALTA: Spearheading the aggressive campaign for Panthers Party candidates in DDC elections, the party Chairman Harsh Dev Singh and State President Balwant Singh Mankotia accompanied by thousands of people in the shape of a procession arrived at the office of the respective Returning Officers where Manju Singh and Rajesh Sharma filed their nomination papers for Khoon and Majalta seats respectively.
Addressing massive rallies at Mansar and Khoon, Harsh Dev Singh vociferously asserted that since all other parties including the BJP, Congress, NC and PDP had belied the hopes and aspirations of the people of Jammu, Panthers Party alone had stood firm to emerge as a reckoning force to liberate them from the decades old socio-political discrimination.
He said that with the entire concentration of the present Central Government led by the BJP on Kashmir, the Jammu region was perpetually left neglected economically and politically besides facing severe identity crisis. The Dogras who heavily voted BJP to power in the erstwhile State and the Centre were shell shocked when their aspirations and wishes were bartered away by the 25 Saffron MLAs to PDP for the crumbs of power.
They felt humiliated, hoodwinked and betrayed by the BJP’s repeated U-turns and somersaults from its grandiloquent pre-poll promises doled out to them in 2014, said Harsh.
“We are not option-less people. We are not weak or exhausted. We can’t allow our posterity, our younger generations to continue to suffer, lose and to bleed. Its high time for all of us to unite and defeat the anti-Jammu forces who have betrayed the people’s faith”, roared Harsh. Mankotia said that in the last six years our educated unemployed youth were made to languish in open for their genuine demands while entire thrust was on the valley in the matter of employment. Manju Singh and Rajesh Sharma appealed to the people to participate in the election process in large numbers so as to make the system of local self governance really meaningful and productive. They said that peoples’ power should manifest itself in these local bodies elections by discarding those political parties which had deserted them after attaining power.
The NPP candidates urged upon the women folk and youth to take the lead to depose the opportunist leaders who disrespected the massive mandate given to them in 2014 elections.
Shiv Dev, Dharam Singh Bitu, Basharat Ali, Swaran Singh, Nirmal Kesar, Pawan Dev Singh, Feroz Din and Lucky Sambyal were also present.


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