International Institute Of Jammu And Kashmir Studies And Analysis (IIJSA) conducted a webinar on “STATEHOOD FOR JAMMU: REALITY OR MYTH”.
It was attended by a galaxy of experts from India and abroad. Prominent guests were K B Jandial, IAS, Lt Gen P S Mehta, AVSM, VSM, Lt Gen Susheel Gupta, PVSM,AVSM,YSM, Maj Gen Goverdhan Singh Jamwal, Prof Suresh Chander , Hasbans Singh Sambyal noted historian of J&K History and host of prominent thinkers from Dogra society. Special guests from abroad were Ahmad Ayub Mirza, UNHCR speaker from GB (now in exile in LONDON), Varinder Sharma, MP from UK, Lakshmi Kaul, Advisor to Bob Blackman, MP from UK, and hosts of other dignitaries from USA and Canada.
The event was watched by 10000+ people on facebook and other social media live. The learned speakers were a galaxy of intellectuals from Jammu i.e Dr Ajay Chrungoo Chaiman Panun Kashmir, Jagmohan Sharma Eminent Intellectual in Dogra fraternity and Col Satish Lalotra, Author and Dogra thinker. The discussion was chaired by Amb G Parthasarthy and moderated by Brigadier Dr Vijay Sagar Dheman, PhD.
Today, J and K state along with POJK, POL and COL is plagued with many such maladies afflicted by world powers that be. Many a neighbor is trying to draw mileage from their misplaced sense of nationalism, religious leanings by commercial exploitation of individual leaders that be, albeit at the cost of the lives of the locals. The interests of the locals are being sacrificed for economic, security or imperialist gains by way of issues like territorial claims, religious radicalization and alienation and spread of terrorism etc. The local voices against the nefarious designs by outsiders supported by handful insiders are being heard in many areas in Jammu, Ladakh, Gilgit-Baltistan, Mirpur, Muzaffarabad and fringe areas across Shamshabadi range outside Kashmir Valley as well. The webinar had an in depth debate to understand the reality of the ground situation after Deoperationalising of Art 370& 35A and resulted in an animated discussion which was appreciated by one and all.
International Institute Of Jammu And Kashmir Studies And Analysis (IIJSA) has been brain child of Brigadier Dr Vijay Sagar Dheman,PhD. The aim is to give vent to the genuine aspirations of the natives of J&K. Brigadier Dr Vijay Sagar Dheman,PhD is a leading Defence and Strategic Affairs expert who is a routine TV prime time commentator on national news channels. Besides , he too is an International Coaching Federation accredited Soft Skills expert. He had been Additional Director General NCC and former Vice Chancellor of a private University in Punjab. He has institutionalized this ACADEMIC body to take cognizance of ground realities by way of studying the native voices, collect, collate and analyse the security issues pertaining to the undivided J and K state in relation to contemporary geo-political and economic realities of the world. The aim is to find just solutions and make plausible recommendations to the Govt for prosperity of the natives of undivided estate. The researchers here are encouraged to study History, correct the false narratives enumerated by the powers with vested interests in the past and suggest a just, viable and implementable elucidations for well being and progress of undivided state.
The governing body is in the process of evolution. Consultations are being held with top intelligentsia, academic personalities and luminaries in the field of R&D in geopolitical matters at National/International level. The stakeholders in erstwhile and undivided J&K state are already on board for advisory functions.


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