The GIANT and The Gnat


Once there was a giant, a giant taller than all others. A giant who’s view of the world was a view of his world. He dominated all that lay before him. He was rich, proud, and powerful. And he loved food. All kinds of food. From the world over he solicited goods to delight his massive palate, his insatiable appetite. Ships bearing fruits, cheeses, meats, exotic vegetables, grains, and sweets from near and distant lands filled his kitchen shelves, made grand the setting of his table, and he loved music.
One day, while feasting and listening to the absorbing magic of mankind’s first harp, given to the harp player, it was said, by an angel, he bit down on a cob of corn and got a kernel stuck in his teeth. So captivated he was by the music, that he paid little attention to the kernel and tried to remove it with his finger. He failed. Then he tried a fork tine, then a knife tip. With each effort the kernel lodged more deeply into his gum causing him ever greater discomfort.
At that moment all his wealth, his massive size and power were for naught. He was so distressed that ripping out the kernel, along with his teeth, came to mind, and he was about to do just that when an irritating gnat landed on his hand.
About to smash it, the gnat spoke up, shouted, “I can get the kernel out.”
-Thomas Easley