Thakur should justify restrictions on sale of land in HP: Congress



JAMMU: Former Minister and Vice President J&K PCC Raman Bhalla on Tuesday asked the Union Minister and Senior BJP leader from Himachal Pradesh to tell the people of Jammu and Kashmir about the restrictions in his home state on purchase of land by outsiders before teaching the people here of the benefits about the opening of sale of land to outsiders in J&K.
Thakur should justify such restrictions in HP, in wake of BJP Govt.’s decision to open up sale of land in J&K and jobs opportunities outsiders, he said. Bhalla appealed people to vote against the arrogance of power and neglect of the mandate of the people of Jammu by BJP Ministers and legislators after getting huge mandate.
Addressing largely attended public meeting organized by the Congress at Dandesar in Seri DDC Constituency of Nowshera today, JKPCC Vice President said that BJP had to bite the dust during the ongoing elections as BJP brought battery of Central leaders to seek votes for these local elections.
BJP high command is aware that people are annoyed with the party and Govt. for neglecting the electorate after seeking huge mandate in Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, he said adding that the people of Jammu region had voted for change and had great expectations from BJP but the BJP leaders only deceived and betrayed the people after huge mandate. BJP ministers and legislators had behaved with the people in arrogance of power and neglected the people of their respective constituencies and there is lack of any developmental activities except renaming of the schemes of Congress regime or laying of foundation stones without completion, he said. JKPCC Chief Spokesperson Ravinder Sharma, Adv. Rajinder Prasad, INC candidate Neelam Kumari Sharma, BCC Presidents Bakshi Chander, Som Raj Heer, Sarpanchs Kishori Dutt Soodan, Vijay Kumar, Pashori Lal, Suraj Prakash, Arshad Mehmood, Sat Paul Sharma, Ch. Razak, Sheetal Rani, Mohd. Zamail, ZEO Shamsher, Sarwan Dass, Rishav Sharma, Reeta Devi, Sukhdev Sharma and others also spoke.
He urged people to vote for congress nominee Neelam Sharma and send a signal that people are fed up with the working style and performance o BJP leaders. Ravinder asked people to reject BJP for its utter failure to come up to expectations of their electorate. He said that coming generations shall suffer because of the misdeeds of BJP leaders and each and every section is facing hardship due to BJP policies. He asked people not to divide their votes, as no other party or independent can win and only congress can defeat BJP in the constituency.
Referring the fielding of candidate by NC in the constituency against the settlement of seat sharing, he asked people not to divide their votes, as no other party or independent can give fight and only congress can defeat BJP.


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