Teaching moral values to kids


Dear Editor,
Teaching moral values to our kids isn’t as easy as having them memorize a set of ideal characteristics. Children need to observe our actions and participate in ongoing discussions about what we stand for and why.
Many parents think that it’s premature to teach values to a toddler or pre-schooler, but that’s a misconception. We need to make a strong base so that they can develop into a good responsible human being.
Today, in the fast-changing world, it has become very essential for a child to learn the best things in life. No doubt values are hard to teach, but they are important and should be taught at the right age.
Parents are the first moral anchors of a child as before school, a child learns few values at home. ‘Honesty is the Best Policy, we have all grown up hearing this. So, now it’s time to instill and promote truthfulness and honesty in our child. It is important that children should learn the value of being honest and consequences of lying. To uphold the value of honesty, parents need not over-react when a child lies. Instead, help him/her find a way to tell the truth.
The virtue of respect is another important trait that a child should learn to lead a great life. There is no denying fact that one should always respect elders, but kids should also learn to listen and not interrupt between conversations. They should be taught good manners and also to accept everyone, for who they are.
Children naturally bear a loving and generous attitude. But to make this an integral part of child’s life, it needs to be nurtured and taught from the appropriate age. It is very crucial for them to understand that love is not just for the family. Love is showing compassion for their friends, teachers, animals and everyone around.
The most important thing we need to make them understand is helping others. Teaching children the value of kindness means to encourage him/her to help others, caring about them, putting others needs first then self.
Another important factor is character development in children by following their role models. Children are strongly influenced by great personalities. So, they must be taught through the biographies of famous personalities. When they learn about the moral values of their idols, it will inspire them to follow the same trail.
In this competitive and technology-advanced world, it has become imperative to develop students into aware, alert and responsive individuals, who can deploy technology for the benefit of mankind. There is a need to create well-balanced individuals who can make sound decisions and respect everyone. This is possible by imparting moral values among children and in this crucial COVID times it is our responsibility to make children learn the basics of life.
Sheena Jamwal,


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