Take care of stray cattle during lockdown: Gau Raksha Samiti


JAMMU: Rajkumar Gupta, President Gau Raksha Samiti on Sunday made a fervent appeal to the people of Temple City to deal with the stray cattle and other animals impacted by lockdown with compassion.
In a statement issued here, Rajkumar Gupta asked the people to feed the stray animals in the vicinity of their localities as these voiceless creatures were facing the heat of corona curfew.
He said that amid lockdown the stray animals in and around the city are facing starvation thus making it necessary to deal the situation with empathy and take all the initiatives to ensure that no animal in the vicinity is left hungry.
“As the Dhabas, eateries, and other sources of food are shut, therefore scope of these animals getting the food is reduced to bare minimum and calls for ordinary people to show sympathy and feed them as far as possible”, he said and appealed to the administration to exempt such people who are doing this noble job of feeding the stray animals from curfew restrictions.
Rajkumar Gupta also asked the civic authorities to create awareness amongst the public to take care of stray animals during the lockdown due to COVID-19 and save them from starvation. He said that if adequate steps are not taken by the society mass deaths of animals cannot be ruled out. “I appeal to the people of Jammu to take care of all the animals around them”, he said adding that the stipulated guidelines issued by the government to keep at bay the coronavirus should be followed at all times.