Tablee Ki Bala Bander Ke Sar- Cong response to crushing poll debacle


Her Majesty of the self-styled first family of the Indian politics, Sonia Gandhi has been pleased to take urgent action over the humiliating and crushing debacle of All India Congress in the recent polls to legislative assemblies of the five states of the world’s largest democracy-Punjab, Goa, Uttrakhand, Manipur and Uttar Pradesh. She has asked the Pradesh Presidents of these states to quit. They have obeyed and put in their papers well before the ink of the ‘order’ on the newsprint dried up. This is the Congress style of fixing accountability.
The classic action reminds of the yesteryear’s primary class essay ‘Tablee Ki Bala Bander (monkey) Ke Sar’ (which some describe as Tabele Ki Bala Bandar Ke Sar), revolving around a Pujari and his son. The Pujari wanted his son to learn to beat the drum (Tablaa), arranged a Guru and eventually the spoiled lad got so engrossed with the instrument that he hardly separated it from himself. The perpetual noise of Tablaa became irritable for the Pujari, who despite many pleas, could not prevail upon his son not to create nuisance, as it had started distracting him from Puja as well. One day, getting deeply frustrated over Tablaa beating at the terrace, a monkey jumped from nowhere and sat by the side of the Tablaa player-son. In a fit of anger, Pujari thrashed the head of the monkey and got a huge taunt from his wife for punishing the animal for the wrongs of his son.
Sonia Gandhi seems to have gone through this essay umpteen times during Hindi learning course. The lessons have placed her in good stead to tackle the embarrassing situations in the party, which she heads as a matter of birthright or copyright.
It is intriguing, why no Bander in the Congress is mustering guts to question the Madam about no action against siblings, Priyanka Vadra and Rahul Gandhi. They were the star campaigners, playing non-stop tablaa in the poll-bound states for over two months. Priyanka Vadra had almost shifted permanently to Yogi’s Karmabhoomi to defeat the saffron monk. She had coined the slogan of ‘Beti Hun Lad Sakti Hun’ though it is different that the poster girls of her slogan had deserted the old grand party within days of campaigning. Rahul Gandhi, known for speaking things he himself doesn’t understand, kept playing RaGa, much to the amusement of his detractors rather wooing supporters. The siblings were the main campaign actors in the elections. They have gone unpunished for contributing hugely into the crushing defeat of the party. Putra Moh, or love for son, led Sonia Gandhi to ruin the Congress by sidelining very senior leaders, having a pan-India image. As if it was not enough, Sonia chipped in daughter Priyanaka in a bid to regain the losses son Rahul had incurred over the years as Congress President and then the deputy without any responsibility.
For the ruin of the Congress, Gandhis and Vadras are not responsible alone.
The senior Congressmen cannot absolve themselves, as they preferred not to assert to safeguard their vested interest. Those trying to set the rot right are being projected as villains and denied the space they deserve in the political spectrum of the country. Ghulam Nabi Azad has singled out himself to launch the campaign under G-23 hash tag but it is still struggling to take off.
An ecosystem has been created in the Congress to ensure centre-stage for the Gandhi-Vadra clan. The party folklore always insists that the Gandhis or Vadras in the leadership remains a strategic requirement, as they alone hold the mass base, deliver victories and keep the party united. However, each of the arguments has lost ground in view of the emerging realities of Indian politics, which has entered another level with Modi-Yogi holding the flag of change. Their emergence is not just a phenomenon of Hindutva but they are delivering also at ground zero
The fact that the Congress holds just a single or two state governments shows the declining image of the party under Gandhis.
Instead of diagnosing the malady within the party, the Congress remains busy in insulating the Gandhis and Vadras. Sparing the Gandhi siblings from the blame of failing in the just concluded elections is a point in reference. The Congress will always find monkeys to fall prey. The party chiefs of the five ‘failed’ states have consented to be scapegoats to insulate the Priyanka-Rahul duo against any blame.