Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, a failure in Jammu


Dear Editor,
Several campaigns and huge hoardings installed by the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) have failed to improve the sanitation situation in city. The city still presents a dirty look, as failure of the municipal bodies and poor civic sense among residents has turned the city into a huge garbage-dump.
Hoardings and posters campaigns launched by Jammu Municipal Corporation have failed to make any impact on ground level. Huge amount was spent on these campaigns but all in vain.
Even half of the daily solid waste is not lifted due to shortage of manpower and in the absence of suitable dumping ground. Moreover, there is no regular removal of solid waste generated by eateries and restaurants spread across the city.
A visit to outskirts can expose tall claims of officials. Heaps of garbage, stagnant water and blocked drains tell a tale of neglect and indifferent attitude of the authorities and residents, who dump the waste on roads without giving any consideration to the affect caused on the image of city.
I am a resident of Sanjay Nagar and here in our ward one can find heaps of garbage scattered all around and stray animals making merry on this filth. I feel the money spent by JMC on media advertisements, hoardings, posters should better be utilised to engage more Safai Karamcharis and equipment required. Also, there is dire need to impose fine on the people who dump waste on roadsides. Addressing press conferences and rallies is not a solution to it. This is high time that Jammu Municipal Corporation should act on ground level and take some serious steps to make Jammu city neat and clean.
I believe that Swachh Bharat mission in J&K only benefitted officials and other high profile people who, just to gain publicity, have organised press meets and posed with Brooms in hands but nothing on ground level is being done by any of the officials. No doubt the mission was launched in Universities, colleges, schools, mohallas but only for a day and after that the situation remains the same.
Heaps of garbage can be seen at any time of the day in many wards and none is there to pick this mess. In our area, there are many vacant plots and one can easily find garbage dumped here. There is a particular area, where Matadors, auto-rickshaws and private vehicles are parked. It is the dirtiest area of our locality. Drains here are filled with garbage and polythene. Our is a huge area and only two dust-bins are provided here, which is the reason that people are left with no other option than to put waste in polythene bags and throw it on roads.
Many a times, this garbage is scattered in entire ward till evening and no one comes to pick it up, making a total mess. We have complained many times against all this but due to false promises, the situation remains the same.
Since, summers are about to begin, this scattered garbage will give rise to many diseases and will be a threat to health of residents. I appeal to the concerned to make sure that all the garbage is collected from our ward and install more dust-bins here so that people can dispose waste in it but not on the roads and lanes.
Ashok Kumar,
Sanjay Nagar.


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