Supporting cushions of life


When I was small I always used to see my grandmother sitting with a cushion behind her back. When I asked her about that, she answered it makes my back relax and I feel better. Same way we have to find cushions for ourselves. Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Cushion, which will make us relax and feel better. For that we have to do some home work, to find out what acts like a cushion.
For example If I am emotional and feel low what can I do to make myself feel better and relax. May be I can talk to my family, visit my friend, go for an outing, call an old friend, eat something which can elevate my mood, wear something that makes me happy, watch a movie, read a book etc.
There are so many ways but you have to find out , what is the one or few remedies which will work as a cushion for you in such time. We have to find ways to comfort ourselves in the situations we are dealing with. Once we realise only then we will be able to find a solution to our problem.
There can be lots of problems we are dealing in life but what if we find our cushion for every situation and mark it, like I did. I have marked my Cushions. One of my friend is very good at listening and is non judgmental. I can share anything and everything under the sky with her, so she is my talk Cushion.
One of my friend is very good with computer, so if I am stuck in any situation with my laptop, she is my Cushion. Another friend of mine is always ready to go for outing, so whenever I don’t feel up to the mark and I need to go out, she is my outing Cushion.
Similarly, when you are feeling low you must know which Cushion to take out. It’s not about using anyone. It’s just as to what suits you best at that time.
So the need of the hour is to find your cushion. There is nothing wrong in doing things that make one feel happy and relaxed.
So all the best. Hope you find your Cushions soon.
Vishaka Pandita,


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