Superpositivity Concert held at Model Academy



JAMMU: After launching inspirational platforms like Superpositivity Club and Superpositivity Festival, Jammu-based organisation Superpositivity Movement launched yet another initiative called Superpositivity Concert on Thursday at the HL Gupta Auditorium, Model Academy.
The inaugural event featured six local artists: Davinder Sheria, Harish Saini, Rakesh Anand, Rohit Maratha, Sahil Sharma and Vickrant Mahajan.
Every artist presented two original songs written and composed by them. The songs were an eclectic mix of Hindi, English, Dogri, Punjabi and instrumental, and were based on positive qualities like inspiration, courage, hope, harmony and self-improvement.
The event has been created by motivator Vickrant Mahajan. Elaborating the concept, Vickrant said, “Artists of all genres are welcome to participate in Superpositivity Concerts around the world with songs in any language that are inspiring, uplifting and appreciative of the invaluable gift of life. The only condition is that every song has to be an original creation. It cannot be a cover version or reproduction of a previously released track by any other artist or pre-existing content that has been copyrighted by any other artist or music label. Essentially, artists should express the infinite beauty of life through their unique songs and inspire the listeners to focus on unlimited solutions of every problem they encounter.”
Like all Superpositivity Platforms, Vickrant plans to organise Superpositivity Concerts all over the world, starting from 2021.


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