Striving for welfare of destitute


Prashant Agarwal

With the pandemic hitting the basic socio-economic backdrop, the ones that were severely distressed were destitute and those who are differently abled. The rural fabric was disrupted as newer adoptions of technology and the new trends which were never explored nor adopted were pushed in face of the rural people. With lesser acceptance towards these and no knowledge or know-how on the technology advancements, the rural population, including those from the lower segment and the ones who are differently abled were affected the most.

NGOs and social well-being institutions came forward to help those who are destitute and have been incapable of going through distress of job losses and lack of sustainability, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Narayan Seva Sansthan has been a leading NGO who has been trying to extend a helping hand towards the benefit and upliftment of those in need. The institution known for its help given to the differently- abled and also offering education to the needy along with corrective surgeries done by the organisation Narayan Seva Sansthan has been striving hard to bring in equity amongst the social landscape where every single person has the right to live with dignity. NSSh has also contributed for students by waiving-off college fees and even bringing in a ray of hope for the differently-abled through Mass weddings.
A few cases where the Pandemic could not bog down the strength of those who are differently abled are:
Dixita has been a bright student of B.Tech like many girls, she had dreams and hopes in her eyes as she was ambitious too to do well in her life. However, the pandemic was not very kind, as due to COVID-19 pandemic her father, an employee in a travel agency lost his job due to the number of tourists going down. Trying to cope up with the savings that were made by her father Dixita could not afford to continue with her education as she could not even pay her college fees. Dixita lost hope and that is when her family approached NSS. NSS immediately raised funds and offered it to Dixita to continue her B.Tech Second year education.
The Pandemic has been a huge crisis for many. One such case was that of Shambu Lal and Jeena Kumari. Both of them who have been differently-abled needed to find a correct match to spend their life. Both Shambu Lal and Jeena Kumari were introduced by NSS and got married during 35th Mass Wedding Ceremony. Bride Jeena says at her wedding, “Being differently-abled is an obstacle and difficult but keeping a smile on your face can solve half of your life’s problems.”
While giving birth millions of women face strain of giving birth to premature or underweight babies in the rural part of India either due to the negligence of right healthcare treatments during delivery or post natal or even because of no infrastructure available in certain areas. Kalpana gave birth to premature twin baby girls out of which the first child could not survive for first 6 months. It was a mental and a psychological blow for both the parents. The second twin baby girl was also facing tremendous health issues which caused a huge financial burden for the parents. The parents who were seeking financial help, reached out to Narayan Seva Sansthan who extended a helping hand to the parents by donating Rs 1.80 lakh for health support for the child’s treatment.