Stray animals on roads, JMC unaware


Dear Editor,
Presence of stray cattle and dogs in streets and roads of city is responsible for frequent road accidents, both major and minor, making road travel unsafe, especially during night when the visibility is low. Even as quality of highways has improved in last few years, the grave issue of stray cattle and dogs has not been dealt with so far.
Few weeks back, I met with a severe accident when a stray dog came right in front of my speeding bike. As, I tried to save the dog by applying brakes abruptly, I lost my control over the bike, which skidded off and I got severe arm fracture and was hospitalised for a month. There are several cases of road accidents due to presence of stray animals on roads, but authorities concerned seems to be least bothered.
Strangely, stray cattle either sit for a long time on road or are seen leisurely crossing the roads. Worse is the scenario when traffic is blocked by their presence for a long time. On contrary, stray dogs usually cross the roads running and come in front of any speeding vehicle suddenly.
The road patch from Greater Kailash Chowk to Sainik Colony is the most dangerous, as there are no street lights and one can only notice the animals after getting hit.
This causes injury to both driver and the animal. During the cold evenings, one can find these poor animals sitting on roads crying for help but it is very unfortunate that JMC is in deep slumber and do nothing for these voiceless animals.
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to request the concerned to pay attention towards it so that commuters can drive safely and animals too can stay safe without causing nuisance on roads.
Sumedha Sharma,
Sainik Colony.


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