‘Stop systematic, unabated marginalisation of armed forces officers’


JAMMU: President Sainik Samaj Party (SSP), J&K UT, Colonel S S Pathania (Retired) has expressed anguish and grave concern over systematic and unabated marginalisation and lowering status of Armed Forces officers, by successive Governments in power and urged Union Govt to stop the practice at the earliest.
In a press statement issued here, Col Pathania said that it is shocking, that in order of precedence, issued by UT administration, in district-level elections, a DDC Chairperson got ministerial rank at par with Mayor and above MP, Vice Chairperson is equivalent to Maj General and a mere member is equivalent to a Brigadier. “It is laughable that, with this order of precedence, a DDC chairperson, enjoys a better status than Vice Chiefs of all three services. Elevation of political hierarchy by elected representatives is appreciable, but certainly not at cost of constitutional and administrative appointments. This not only lowers and marginalises status of Armed Forces officers, but equally affects IAS, IPS officers and also Members of parliament, who are elected by lakhs of people,” he added.
Pathania urged Union Government to be realistic, and take a holistic view, considering interest of nation and its people. “Youth is showing least interest in joining Armed Forces, because of difficult living conditions and hazards, and such moves by the government, will further dampen their spirit. In long term vision, such steps are likely to affect security and sovereignty of our nation, as there will be very few people, who will choose to join Armed Forces,” he added.