Spankh celebrates Mother’s Day



JAMMU: Spankh, (Ek Rachnatmak Udan), on Sunday celebrated Mother’s Day at Head Office, Janipur Colony, here.
Dr Rajni Kumari, Assistant Professor, Department of Hindi, Government Degree College, Billawar, Kathua and reputed Hindi and Dogri short story writer and poet was the Chief Guest while Mandeep Kaur was the Guest of Honor on the occasion.
Dr Rajni Kumari congratulated on Mother’s Day and said that mother is the creator of this universe as the God blessed her as a source to give lives by giving birth to humanity the most prestigious creature on the earth.
She further said that serving and respecting Mother is the best worship and through this one can lead towards the heaven.
She also complimented the Shivani Anand, General Secretary, Spankh and whole team for celebrating Mother Day even in this crucial time when whole humanity is fighting with the second wave of COVID-19.
While sharing her views, Mandeep Kaur said that we may consider that every day is Mother’s Day and women folk not only mothers should be respected.
She further said that one and all irrespective of color, creed and faith should celebrate Mothers’ Day with the pledge that Mothers may never be felt hurt and ignored especially at the old age. She also emphasized on strictly supporting the administration to control and fight against second wave of COVID-19 staying safe at home and following all the safety measures so that thousands of innocent lives could be saved.
Earlier, while welcoming the guests , Shivani Anand, General Secretary, Spankh expressed her concern for participating guests who spared their time even in this critical period of COVID-19 second wave which has now taken a very dangerous shape and resulted thousands of casualties throughout the country.
The proceedings of the web meet were conducted by Seeta Kumari, Joint Secretary, Spankh while vote of thanks was presented by Harneet Kaur, Press Publicity Secretary, Spankh.