Soonam releases Vision Document for Kalakote constituency



KALAKOTE: Socio-political activist Soonam Sharma launched Vision Document for the betterment of Kalakote in presence of Dr. Suresh Kumar, Dr.Nidhi Pathania and many more .
Soonam claimed that ‘Vision Document’ set the future agenda for the upliftment of downtrodden people of Kalakote constituency which is very backward and worse hitten underdeveloped area as per as the basic amenities of road connectivity, water availability, education facilities ,power supply and alot more even in this era of globalisation and modernization. Our team shall strive hard to implement the AGENDA released and we appeal to everyone to work for the execution of this ‘Vision Document’, Soonam added.
Interacting with the media son of the soil from Kalakote constituency and International renowned scholar Dr. Suresh lambasted the earlier leadership for the mess and underdevelopment of the area . Dr. Suresh appealed the general masses of the area to stand above caste and religion and support the Vision based activism for the emancipation of their future generations.
Dr. Nidhi Pathania Dutta renowned Activist pointed that it is very unfortunate that in this era of technology people of the area are still under privileged and living very tough life. Dr. Nidhi appealed to the civil society to join hands for the common issues of the unfortunate people of the area.
Those prominent who accompanied during the release of Vision Document includes Jyotsna Sharma, Rahul Chandan, Haji Makbool, Shazima Charak, Shabina Choudhary, Vikram Kumar, Manir Hussain and those prominent who were present includes Qyoom Lone, Shakti Sharma, Ankit Kessar, Vishal Sharma, Mohd. Azam, Akshay Dogra, Vaneet Kumar, Shakeel Ahmed, Shiv Kumar and Ashish Bhagat.


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