Sony LIV’s anthology series ‘Meet Cute’ set for release on November 25


MUMBAI: Streaming service Sony LIV on Friday announced that its upcoming Telugu original series “Meet Cute” will premiere on November 25.

The anthology show, produced by popular star Nani, will present five heart-warming stories of people meeting accidently.

Directed by Deepali Ghanta, “Meet Cute” features stories that are beautifully crafted along the Indian seasons and highlights an accidental meeting between two characters.

Actors Ashwin Kumar and Varsha Bollamma star in the first story, titled “Meet the Boy”. Set in autumn, the story revolves around an accomplished IT professional girl who is reluctant to meet a boy for marriage.

It is followed by the second story, called “Old Is Gold”, tracing a summer journey of Saru and Mohan Rao (a retired journalist) and how their conversations change Saru’s perspective towards her relationship.

It features Sathyaraj, Ruhani Sharma, and Raj Chembolu.

Titled “InL(aw)ove”, the third story is a tale of a mother who follows the secret girlfriend of his son.

What starts off as a stalking exercise, turns into a heart-warming conversation between two women who love the same person for the same reasons. It stars Rohini, Akanksha Singh, and Deekshit Shetty.

Actors Adah Sharma, Shiva Kandukuri and Alekya Harika lead the fourth story “Star Struck”. It follows Shalini, a well-known person, who is left stranded on a street and later hitches a ride with a stranger.

Set against the winter season, the final chapter is “Ex Girl Friend” and is about the newly married Anjana, who accidentally bumps into the ex-girlfriend of her husband Ajay.

The conversations on how contradicting their perspectives are about Ajay make up this story of loss and love. It features Sunaina, Sanchita Poonacha, and Govind Padmasoory.

Nani said the unique stories of “Meet Cute” will make people remember all the awkward, sweet and accidental conversations of their lives.

“There is a sense of familiarity, and the audience will be able to resonate with these very real-life situations. We will be pleased to say that our message has been received if the audience experiences even half of what the actors experienced while acting out the scenes.

“Progressive and concept-driven stories have always been valued by Sony LIV and we are glad the anthology is streaming on the platform from November 25,” he added. (PTI)