Smart City Jammu turning into begging hub


Dear Editor,
Jammu, a Smart City in the offing, has emerged into a begging hub. The inflow of the beggars from other states continues in the absence of any check by Jammu Police and civil administration. This menace has assumed enormous proportion causing great inconvenience and embarrassment to the public. The situation is worse at traffic lights, outside malls, temples, markets where these beggars use to chase people for alms.
Majority of beggars are women and children, under the age of ten, a good number of them are addicted to tobacco and other intoxicating products. At times these beggars become traffic hazard moving dangerously close to moving vehicles. They are least bothered about the nuisance they are creating.
One can find beggars especially women and children adopting several modes for seeking alms and at times, create scenes by chasing people, asking alms in the name of their children, touching their feet and causing harassment. ‘Bhookh Lagi Hai Paisa De De’ is the favourite dialogue and they are well-trained to exploit your emotions.
Shocking is that these children are happy with all this. Now what should we say to such an approach. Is this ignorance or actually they are comfortable in this lifestyle and do not need a change. On one hand government is taking steps to make education compulsory and free for children upto 14 years of age while on the other hand they are enjoying begging.
These child beggars have neither any dreams of future nor do they want to go to school and something in life. It is sad that children are begging to earn for their family and their childhood gets ruined but the most worse part is that these children are happy and do not want to learn anything. The only thing they are concerned of is making money. All this is happening right in front of us and no one actually is bothered about it.
The question here arises who is responsible for all this. Do we need to blame Government and concerned authorities for this or parents are to be blamed for escalating such thoughts in children.
Whosoever is to blamed the only concern is to make such children aware and make them learn the real lessons of life if we really believe that children are the future of nation.
We all need to come forwards and let Government policies benefit these beneficiaries. Moreover, there is dire need to make their parents aware.
Shilpa Thakur,


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