SKPA holds webinar on ‘Gender Sensitisation’



UDHAMPUR: The faculty of SKPA Udhampur attended webinar on Gender Sensitisation hosted by National Commission for Women in collaboration with BPR&D New Delhi in which heads of training divisions of various states, UT’s & Police Academies participated. The theme of the programme was sensitization of the police officials.
The agenda was dealing with cases of violence against women more effectively. In the backdrop, it is imperative for all state police organization to undertake suitable initiatives including organizing of training programmes. Both male and female police officers require awareness building about the nature, extent and seriousness of crimes perpetrated against women. Wide ranging suggestions were discussed in length including increase in enrolment of women police official, effective working of women help desks, sensitization of police officials both male & female, launching awareness campaigns through electronic and print media and holding of seminars. It is in place to mention that this Academy regularly conducts special courses on “Gender Justice- role of police”, “Juvenile Justice”, “Safety of Women”. In addition, the amended versions of laws relating to women and children are included in the basic training course of Prob. Dy.SsP, Prob. S.Is and Constables. Ashish Rathore, CPO, CLI was the panelist, whereas faculty of the Academy also attended the webinar.


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