Significance of blowing conch shell


Lord Krishna blew His conch shell, The Panchajanya; Arjun blew his, the Devadatta; and Bhim, the avid gorger, and performer of superhuman tasks, blew his great conch shell, The Paundra’.
The Shankh or Conch Shell is a natural wonder. Found in the depths of oceans, a conch is a natural home of some oceanic creatures protecting them from predators. As the creatures grow, they cast it away. This conch shell plays a significant role in our religious tradition and culture.
Lord Vishnu holds it in His hand, and it is also associated with Lord Krishna. It resonates with the AUM sound. When Lord Krishna blew His conch, named Panchajanya, at the beginning of the Mahabharata war, the whole cosmos trembled.
We use it during worship; its spiritual significance is immense, but do you know there are various benefits of blowing a conch shell?
Two types of conch shells are used in a worship-left hand conch shell (The Vamavarta Shankh) and a right-hand conch shell (The Dakshinavarti Shankh). In the case of the left-handed one, its open portion stays towards the left hand of the bearer. In the right-hand conch shell, on the other hand, the open part remains towards the right hand of the worshiper.
Since the prehistoric Aryan culture, both these conch shells are looked upon as the symbol of splendor and auspiciousness. However, for worshipping, generally, the right-handed conches are used. Both conch shells are associated with the God of wealth and that is the reason why a conch shell is blown at every festival and auspicious occasion. Its penetrating but sweet sound fills the surroundings with positive vibrations.
Moreover, in the Gurukul tradition, children start early in the morning every day with prayers wherein the brass bell and conch shells are blown simultaneously for some time. They do it to start their day with positive energy.
Apart from having to do with the spiritual significance, there are also many health benefits of conch blowing. The activity equals doing Yoga and breathing exercise that may prevent many diseases, including respiratory issues and liver-related problems. Conch water is sprinkled around the home as a ritual to purify the surroundings. Water stored in the conch shell is applied to the body as it is known to cure some skin diseases, rashes, and allergies.
Further, while blowing a conch it is required to keep the spine erect because it ensures a perfect outflow of the air. Inversely, it can be said that regular blowing of a conch shell improves one’s posture. Moreover, blowing a conch also enhances positive vibrations in the mind and fills it up with optimism, willpower, and bliss.
Conch blowing is a great exercise for the abdomen, mouth, diaphragm, lungs, and chest, and those who hear its sound also feel relaxed. It also improves the flow of oxygen and blood in the body.
Although it is highly beneficial, understand that it is not easy to blow a conch shell. Careless blowing can sometimes cause serious harm to your body. And people having serious medical conditions should not blow it at all. So, first, learn the art from an expert and then blow it with devotion and purity during worship and feel the benefits.
Sudhanshuji Maharaj