Shun lust for power, rise above party interests to serve national interests: Congress



NAGROTA: J&K Pradesh Congress Committee Chief Spokesperson, Ravinder Sharma on Friday asked the ruling BJP to learn from Congress how to better serve the national interests, for which the BJP has to shun its lust for power and rise above petty party interests to allow the democracy to flourish in real sense, like the Congress created history in 1975 in Jammu and Kashmir. Addressing a large gathering of party workers at Nagrota organised by senior Congress leader and former MLA Th Shiv Dev Singh, JKPCC Chief spokesperson Ravinder Sharma asked BJP to rise above petty party interests and come out of its lust for power to allow the democracy to flourish in real sense in Jammu and Kashmir to better serve the national interests.
Lambasting BJP for its use of power to bully the entire opposition and deprive them of level playing field, by all unethical means, he asked the ruling party to learn from Congress as to how Indira Gandhi offered power to the NC leader Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah in 1975 to serve the broader national interests, although Congress had a two third majority.
“The Congress always sacrificed power in the larger interests of nation, whereas, the BJP which has brute majority and ruling in several states, leaves no chance to bully and break the entire opposition in the country as well as in Jammu and Kashmir, to first serve its party interests by all means,” he said.
They don’t spare their old allies too, like it did to PDP and that is why a BJP ally, till a couple of months back, from Punjab, has named BJP as “Tukde-Tukde Gang”.
Sharma said that for the sake of broader interests, the Congress always sacrificed its party interests and workers sentiments but lauded the selfless spirit of Congress workers, who always accepted and supported the decisions of the party leadership and worked for the success of the common candidates.
He criticized the over ambitious BJP to gain power by all means in every sphere of Jammu and Kashmir for which it engages in all sorts of divisive and negative politics detrimental to the broader interests in Jammu and Kashmir which is facing Pakistan’s proxy war for decades.
He asked the party workers to be prepared to fight a decisive battle for the rights of the people illegally snatched like downgrading of the historical state and depriving people of the rights to land and jobs.
He said statehood with adequate protections is the right of people of Jammu and Kashmir.
He extended full support of the party to the agitating farmers in the country against the black farm laws which would ruin the farmers, if not revoked and would lead to heavy price hike in the years to come in the hands of capitalists.
Earlier two minutes silence was observed as a mark of respect to the senior Congress leader and former MP Madan Lal Sharma, who passed away few days back.


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