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Dear Editor,
Few days back, while travelling to Mumbai, saw a lady holding a bag, a suitcase and a kid. Felt sympathy for her for dealing with so many things at a time. I offered her help and she accepted it.
When I boarded the flight, I realised we human being are so capable of handling things beyond our capacity. But sometimes this over piling up of things can be harmful.
As some people tend to keep things to ourselves and never share or unburden themselves. May be these people think they are super humans.
It is always good to lessen the unwanted burden, get rid of those hazardous thoughts, feelings, emotions. This overburdening can be fatal to our mental, physical and emotional health.
For example, if the capacity of a bag is 7 Kg and to put 10Kg items in it, what will be the result. Yes will tear off. Same is the case with humans.
We too have wear and tear of life. We too have a capacity. So before it’s too late, realise your burden, share it with your fellow passengers that is your family, friends. Because the journey is long and we have to keep ourselves intact in all the ways. Shed those few kgs of your emotional, mentals physical weight and see the difference you will feel. You will feel light as a feather.
So give yourself the porter, who can unburden some of your worries and you feel less pressurised with your emotional baggage and this porter is none other than Meditation.
Once you take help from Meditation, all your baggage will be taken care of, you will feel free and light. This new year make a promise to yourself to do what makes you feel happy and light. Stay blessed always.
Vishaka Pandita,


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