Self-induced discipline, an urgent need today: Principal JKPS Kunjwani



JAMMU: Self-induced discipline among youth can only elevate our nation to the rank of Super powers of the world, said Rajesh Rathore, Principal, JK Public School, Kunjwani.
Reflecting on the most critical aspects of school life, he elaborated upon the importance of self-discipline in life. He said, “Discipline is important to adhere to the rules. It may be described as a student’s ability to accomplish an assignment within the stipulated time frame. With the tools of discipline, students can achieve their goals easily. Discipline expedites the process, like a catalyst, and resultantly, individuals achieve excellence in every aspect of their lives. Discipline should be the pole star of every child, which helps in setting the direction to reach his/her dream destination.
Reiterating on the topic, he further added, “those individuals, who adhere to discipline more closely, they are able to manage their hours more judiciously. Students with good discipline complete their tasks on time rather than making it frittered away on trifles. When students are disorganized, they spend their valuable time in performing the acts that are not rewarding”.
He invoked them to be proactive, by creating a schedule and sticking to the same with determination and perseverance.
He concluded by saying that “discipline must be self-induced and never imposed. Imposed discipline is ephemeral, while self-inspired discipline is eternal. Educational institutions must endeavour tirelessly to sow the seeds of self-discipline in their tiny tots, so that they grow up as the custodians of self-induced discipline”.
He appealed all the teachers, parents and elders to uphold the high ideals, which we yearn to see in our children.
“Since every child apes his teachers, parents and elders, so it’s our moral duty to believe in the tenets of righteousness and be the role models of these children who look upto us every moment”, he summed up.