Security a major concern in ATMs


Dear Editor,
The recent incident of murder of a security guard in ATM at Nanak Nagar raises many questions. The innocent 35 yr old died of no reason. He was performing his duty and some miscreants attached him and brutally murdered him. Is this how banks are providing security to ATMs and most importantly to the guards appointed? Is this not the duty of banks to provide sufficient
equipments to security guards to handle any untoward situation?
There are many ATMs where no guidelines have been displayed, no CCTV cameras are installed and security guards are also ill-equipped to deal with the situation.
There is no panic button or alarms in the ATMs, which a victim can use in times of danger. Important telephone number list is also missing at most of the ATMs.
I wonder when banks can’t provide security in ATMs why they install such machines in such huge a number? It is their responsibility to ensure safety of customers and their money.
I believe each and every ATM should be compulsorily manned with security guard properly equipped with communication facility connected with local police and necessary arms to meet any emergency. Through your esteemed daily, I would like to request all bank authorities to provide proper security at ATMs so that one can feel secure.
Ashu Magotra,
Marble Market Jammu.


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