Science and Spirituality


Secretly, in every heart, lies the desire to have proof that there is God and we are soul, a part of God. Why? Hidden within human beings is a desire to prove the existence of a force that brought us into creation. Few are satisfied with the theory that creation was a mere accident, a combustion of cosmic dust. Secretly, in every heart, lies the desire to have proof that there is God and we are soul, a part of God.
Science exists to uncover these deepest spiritual truths. On the other hand, those engaged in spirituality are trying to find the hidden cause behind what is scientific fact. They are interested in the scientific laws of nature, but wish to go behind the laws to find the divine law that brought everything into being. While scientists search through outer instrumentation, spiritual scientists search through the technique of meditation, using the instrumentation of their attention.
The Scientific Method to Find God
In the scientific method, we test a hypothesis and carefully make observations. Similarly, meditation helps us come in touch with a level of intuition and revelation that gives us the inspiration to uncover scientific truths.
As most scientists report, their discoveries came as inspiration. What is inspiration but tapping into the spiritual laws? Some of the greatest scientists, when questioned about their discoveries, point to spiritual inspiration or a divine power as the force behind their findings. Albert Einstein, who revealed the theory of relativity and made this nuclear age possible, once said, “I assert that the cosmic religious experience is the strongest and the noblest driving force behind scientific research.”
How Science and Spirituality Work Together
Science and spirituality make a great partnership. If those engaged in science spend some time in the silence of their own selves, inspiration will come and lead them to the answers for which they seek. Similarly, if those interested in spirituality apply the scientific law of testing hypotheses in the laboratory of their own body and soul, they will find the results.
If we look at modern medicine, we find a whole new approach to healing. In the past we thought healing occurred by the administration of certain drugs. Those in a new field of medicine talk about the mind-body connection.
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj