‘Scared by ballot, Pak stooges now using bullets’



JAMMU: Spokesperson BJP, Abhijeet Jasrotia on Monday said those who were defeated by ballot are now trying to scare people with bullet.
Recently expose of some leaders for their nexus with terrorists have frustrated them so they are using their lethal weapon against the much favoured concept of democracy in Kashmir, he said adding that Pak with its stooges is leaving no stone unturned to create panic in Kashmiri masses that is why such attacks are on rise.
After getting booted out in DDC elections such Pak proxies camouflaged as political leaders are frustrated, he said.
“We pay homage to those who still have the courage to stand against those who try to superimpose Wahabism over Sufism in Kashmir. But let me remind these black sheep’s that India is not a piece of land, India is the largest democracy of world and anyone who sacrifices his life for the democracy is the real hero of 135 crore proud Indians. Very soon those who carried this barbaric attack will be brought to justice . Today entire country stands with the families of the martyrs,” he asserted.
The place Kashmir which was known for Kashmiriyat Insanityat and Jhamooriyat was made hell by Pakistan and politically opportunistic people took it as an opportunity to cook their political meals, Jasrotia said adding that not to the surprise of everyone the political parties who were at the helm of affairs after independence played the role of catalyst in waging this war of secessionism. But after historical decision of abrogation of Article 370, he said, such political shops are on the verge of closure and like the last stages of extinguishing candle the terrorism and their sponsors are in the last stage.
Very soon you will find things will be hunky dowry in Kashmir…Democracy will win Pak and their stooges will have dooms day, he said.